Do You Consider Yourself a Compassionate Person?

An 88 year old man opened the door for me yesterday.

I wasn’t even that close to the door but he saw me coming and wanted to wait for me. I thought, “Wow, an elderly man who walks around with a cane wanted to open the door for me and wait?” Most men around my age (I’m 36) don’t even do that!

As much as I’ve come to feel connected with everything, since my spiritual awakening, I feel that narcissism has caused many people to ignore compassion towards others and I can feel it, deeply. It’s almost as if we live in an age of self-concern instead of compassion.

There have been many times that I’ve opened doors for people, let people go ahead of me at the grocery store when they have a few items, be courteous on the road and acknowledge their existence with just a smile. I would say that most of the time, I never received a thank you, a wave of appreciation or a smile back. Should I expect them? No, but it’s still polite to acknowledge someone who showed some act of kindness, don’t you think?

I almost feel as if people unconsciously think it’s wrong to show compassion towards others now that we are habituated into the era of self-gratification. I notice that most people can’t even look me in the eyes when they are walking my way. And it’s unfortunate because I just wait to see if they’ll look up at me so I can share a friendly smile with them, but most of the times, they never do. They’re either trying to prevent eye contact, or the usual, too busy looking down at their phones.

It’s a little pessimistic to think about all this, as I’m not a natural pessimist, but I can’t help but notice what’s really going on. I guess you can say this is rather a realist point of view, instead of a pessimistic one, right? But it’s all good. I’m sure you can pick up what I’ve put down.

I know that these types of self-centered behaviors don’t exist everywhere and that’s one reason why I left SoCal. I want to seek out and meet new people who are genuinely caring, compassionate and humble, like the elderly man I met yesterday. He was awesome!

I never did get his name, but I’ll definitely remember him because he was so polite and we had such an awesome conversation about the journey of life. We also talked about the lack of mannerism in society, which is what caused me to write this blog. Also, the daily prompt was about narcissism…perfect combo.

So the elderly man asked if I grew up on a ranch because he wondered why I was being so kind to him. I just told him it’s the right thing to do. I don’t have to force myself to be that way, it happens naturally. He told me that he doesn’t see much kindness and people are rude most of the time, especially to the elderly.

This made me wonder: Why are so many people so rude to the elderly?

Is it because everyone is in such a rush all the time and that elderly people are a bit slower in nature?

I have so much respect for the elderly, especially since I met my new lifetime friend yesterday. They’ve been through a lot and the fact they were alive before everything became so instant. They worked harder than we do now and had to experience many forms of patience and adversity. Whereas now, they have to observe younger people having ridiculous anxiety attacks over not receiving a text message within seconds. And you wonder why some of the elderly people get cranky. They have to observe spoiled brats everywhere in society when their wish for Alzheimer’s hasn’t kicked in yet.

So with this said, I’m off to meet more elderly friends on my Jeep life journey. I’m all about syncing up with people who are compassionate because as energetic beings, we become the energy that we constantly surround ourselves with. Cheers!

via Daily Prompt: Narcissism


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