The Quest To Find Meaning During Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

When you begin your spiritual awakening journey towards ascending to the higher 5th dimension level of consciousness, your perception about the world starts to change.

It can go slow or it can go fast. It all depends on your circumstances as everyone is different. Mine was slow for about a year. Then once I met my twin flame last year, the process went full speed ahead and it was very overwhelming.

Today, after many months of confusion, wondering why everything became so meaningless and dull or black and white, a light bulb moment hit me not once, but twice today.

The first was when I was about to head to work after picking up some tacos from Jack in the Box. I randomly thought about knowing where you belong in the world, as I’ll blog about shortly. The other was 5 minutes ago at Barnes and Noble after picking up the book, Why Buddhism is True by Robert Wright and randomly flipping through the chapters.

I had seen this book at another Barnes and Noble the other day and it just popped out at me. Unfortunately, I didn’t really get a chance to take a look at it then. Today, I did and I’m really, REALLY glad I did.

As I flipped through the chapters, one chapter in particular grabbed my attention, “The Upside of Emptiness”. As I read it, everything that I was once confused about, started to make sense. I won’t go into details about this chapter as I feel you should read it yourself. However, it discusses why many things in life become meaningless and why it’s a good thing.

Once I read it, I instantly thought about the girl in the red dress from the movie Schindler’s List.

The movie is all in black and white, except the little girl in the red dress. This is because she represents something meaningful to Schindler: innocence. Amidst the chaos of what’s going on in the concentration camps, Schindler was able to spot her right away. And we could see that, as she was the only person shown in color.

So after thinking about this, I realized why things became so dull and meaningless after I met my twin flame: I’m now at the point on this journey where I can start to catch everything in life that show up in “red” for me, metaphorically, if you will. These things are the things that truly resonate with me and who I am. So far, I’ve found a few, and I’ve blogged about them. I know there’s many more out there, and I’ll know when it comes around. And even though I still feel everything is connected, there are just certain things in life that we are deeply connected with.

Before I started the spiritual awakening process, I was just like most people where everything pretty much meant the same and you really didn’t think much of anything because that deep feeling of emptiness and dullness in life didn’t show up yet. It’s like watching Schindler’s List in color. If it was all in color, the girl in the red dress would not stand out and it would be hard to catch her, wouldn’t you agree?

Our perception of the movie would be so much different if we were actually watching it in color than if it was in black and white. When you watch it in black and white, you recognize what’s meaningful. And that’s how I feel about life once your spiritual awakening journey has started.

What was all once in color, now turns to black and white, and then you begin your journey in life towards finding everything meaningful, which will only show up for you in “red”.

Schindler's List

Photo: A clip from Schindler’s List via IMDB


8 thoughts on “The Quest To Find Meaning During Your Spiritual Awakening Journey

  • Wow, thank you for sharing this Jen! I think you just made a light bulb turn on my in my head. I have been wondering the same thing over the past few weeks. Everything seems to be wearily drifting past me in a haze. Very few things give me that same buzz anymore… but then yes… it’s the things that have more meaning in life that seem to be getting my attention nowadays, that give me any kind of thrill as it used to. I thought I was the only one that felt this ’emptiness’, so I am glad I am not alone. It means I’m not doing anything wrong. So much Love. xxx

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    • You aren’t alone. We are on the same boat and there are many other people who are experiencing this. It’s just amazing how aware we can become.
      I really do feel that it’s our twin flame we should give a huge thank you to as they are the one’s who come into our lives to accelerate the awareness process when we are ready. After all, they are the other half of our soul. ❤️

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      • Yes, they are. And I thank my twin on a daily basis, whether he’s aware of it or not (it’s not important) and the Divine/Spirit/Source. It truly is an amazing gift we have been given (even in the hard ‘Lying on the floor in fit of tears’ moments, haha). Nice to meet you by the way and thanks for following. xxxx

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      • Nice to meet you as well! It’s very rare for people to meet and acknowledge their twin flame, so we definitely need to stick together because this journey is one helluva ride!
        Yes, definitely a big thank you to source energy, as I like to call “Divine”, because without Divine energy, none of this would exist.
        And yes, those tearful moments. I had many of them when I was in contact with my twin. It was unexplainable at that time and I really thought I was going crazy but I now understand why things happened the way it did. 😊

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      • Yes!! What I am in awe of at the moment is the way everything in my life; all those puzzle pieces; are starting to add up. Such an awesome ride.
        yes, let’s stick together, I would love that. I don’t have anyone in my day to day life to talk to, anyone I’ve even mentioned my twin too thought I was simply obsessed and told me to forget him. bah! there are times I have tried… Divine certainly showed me the way again.
        You’ll find in the coming days (weeks??) I’ll probably troll through your blog and comment at times… don’t mind me. hehe. Just having a read. xx

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      • Also, I didn’t have anyone to talk to for months once me and my twin separated. I felt very confused and alone because everything in my life started to go from color to black and white. I’m just glad that phase is over!


  • Yes, this is so true! I kept nodding throughout your post. I, too, am going through an awakening, triggered initially by pain, and I have just started connecting to my ‘higher self’ in weekly meditations. And coincidentally, I’ve just started reading ‘Why Buddhism is true’ 🙂 I can recommend ‘A Buddhist podcast’ by Jason Jarrett if you haven’t discovered it.

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