Don’t Give Up

Have you ever felt that when you started working towards something that you wanted, there would be a huge chance that it wouldn’t work out?

I think we’ve all made that assumption at least a few times in our lives.

Some of the things we work towards are so small, that we don’t even notice the effort we put into it and the thought of giving up hardly ever shows up. But for the big things we start working towards, we definitely notice because it takes much more effort and the thoughts of giving up hover over us like one big knat.

Right now, I’m on this big things, big effort, don’t give up boat.

I’ve decided to work towards something that I didn’t just want, but really REALLY want. And in order for me to get it, I had to step up and make big changes and get real comfortable with feeling uncomfortable.

It hasn’t even been a week since I started my Jeep life journey into many unknowns, and I’ve had several episodes of doubt creep up to where I feel I should just give up and go back home to SoCal. Sometimes I assume things won’t work out, devastating things will happen and I’m just wasting my time. Other times I assume that I’ll end up like Christopher McCandless from Into the Wild. But these are just assumptions our mind automatically comes up with to keep us in our comfort zone, as a form of survival. It’s called fear.

It’s good to have some kind of fear. The kind that prevents us from touching a hot stove. We know exactly what’s going to happen if we decide to touch it. But the fear that causes us to stay away from something we want, when we have no idea what’s going to happen, is dangerous. It prevents us from living the awesome life we want all because we fear the things that we are never certain will happen. We end up giving up and settling into mediocrity all because we refuse to face the many illusions of fear when they show up.

So, if you really want something in life, go get it! Don’t give up if you know it’s something you really, REALLY want, regardless of all the false assumptions your mind wants to come up with. Cheers!


via Daily Prompt: Assumption


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