How To Deal With Challenges in Life

You laugh. Whatever challenges come at you in full force, you just laugh.

Whether you feel stuck in a rut, you just experienced a break up, you hate your job, your life is falling apart, you feel like life is trotting along on the shitty road full of pot holes, or you’re freezing in your Jeep on a rainy day (like me), you just have to laugh. Don’t ignore the challenges but rather acknowledge them for what they are, maybe cry about it for a little bit and then laugh.

Laughter really is the best medicine. Not only does it raise your vibration, but it also allows you to handle other challenges that come your way, like a true Stoic.

When you get into the habit of laughing, sometimes you won’t even realize the challenges that are presented to you but when you do take notice, you don’t really give a shit because you’re so on level with the vibration that laughter gives you, that things start to naturally work themselves out.

Ever notice that?

I only know this because I used to be all about looking at funny memes, watching anything comical and cracking sarcastic jokes all the time when heavy challenges would show up. I laughed so much, I really did literally almost pee my pants a lot. I knew shitty things were happening in my life and I acknowledged them but I was so aligned with the high vibration of laughter that my challenges would always start to work themselves out naturally.

For the last several months, it’s been really tough for me to remind myself to laugh as much as possible. My awareness levels went through the roof and seriousness along with overthinking started to replace laughter in my sweet spot of life! What a shitty thing to happen, right? But whatever, it is what it is, I learned a lot from it and now I just laugh about it.

So always find time to laugh because when you can make yourself laugh, you don’t need anyone else. Just kidding. Always find time to laugh because when you can make yourself laugh, all the bullshit that comes rolling in on you will eventually work itself out. Laughter is high vibrational and anything that vibrates at a high level makes life awesome. Cheers and happy laughing!


Photo: Ha! Good old Mister Rogers meme.



3 thoughts on “How To Deal With Challenges in Life

  • When I was a student I spent a year working in France. Should have been the best year of my life and turned out to be the worst. My friend and I spent months trying to be positive and make the best of it, but in the end we just couldn’t put a positive spin on anything anymore. So we decided to stop trying to make the best of it and start making the worst of it: sarcastic jokes, rolling our eyes, exaggerated sighs … and it worked. We made ourselves laugh and it got us through the last few months in one piece. Almost 🙂

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    • Nice! but I’m curious…almost? Haha
      I’m glad you both were able to change things up. Sometimes when you just don’t give a shit anymore and you just start saying “Fuck it, whatever.” that’s when life starts getting fun. More fun, less seriousness.

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      • Neither of us liked France much afterwards – and it took a while for me to me to be comfortable being on my own again because I’d been so lonely for so long. So That’s the almost 😊


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