Mt. Shasta, My Second Energy Home

Mt. Shasta is definitely one magical mountain.

I decided to randomly travel almost 5 hours north in my Jeep just to see if this mountain really did have the energetic magical powers that I read about. And from what I experienced, it did!

My expectations of Mt. Shasta were neutral but deep down I was hoping to feel the energy like I did when I traveled to my first energy home, Sedona, Arizona, for the first time. I was feeling very, VERY low vibrationally and wanted to be somewhere that would restore my energy and bring back that high vibration like Sedona did.

Sedona is really awesome and definitely the first place I’ve felt “at home” the moment I arrived. My hometown doesn’t even have this affect on me, which is beyond me. So there are 4 main energy vortexes (yes vortexes not vortices) in Sedona and all of them are amazing! I stayed for 5 days and hiked up to all of them. I didn’t notice any crazy shifts in the energy the first day but as the days went by and I stayed in and around the area, I could start to feel it mentally and it actually started to show in reality. So that’s what I was looking forward to while visiting Mt. Shasta.

Mt. Shasta is a dormant volcano, standing at 14,179 ft. Even though the views are amazing, it offers a lot of cool places to hike and camp at, it’s really known for being a very sacred place. It is considered to act as one of the 7 chakras of the world. Don’t quote me on this, but from what I’ve read, it started out as the root chakra but is now the crown chakra. Well whatever chakra it is, this amazing mountain acts as one big energy vortex that attracts spiritual seekers and now I can see why.

There are many stories about UFO sightings, and the underground city of Telos built by Lemurians, who are of the higher 5th dimension (5D) frequency. At first, the stories didn’t really grab my attention and I thought they were just bullshit stories to tell around a campfire, even though I’m aware of 5D frequencies. That was until I saw the illumination of the mountain late at night. It’s almost as if the mountain was lit up from inside and the strange clouds hovering above it. Maybe it’s Telos? I couldn’t take a picture of what I saw because my phone couldn’t capture it whatsoever. I could see the illumination in person but it appeared dark in pictures. Weird, right? I guess that just means you will have to visit to see for yourself.

So why do I consider Mt. Shasta to be one magical mountain?

It answered a lot of questions I’ve been wanting answers to, not only while I was there, but when I left. It was like the answers to questions I had been seeking for some time were wrapped up and finally revealed to me when I left. It also restored my energy field and brought back the same Stoic mindset I had fully embraced while I was in Sedona last year, through some really vivid dreams. So maybe the 5D Lemurians really were communicating with me while I was sleeping. And because of this, it’s definitely the second place I consider to be my energy home.



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