Why Do People Steal?

The reason why people think it’s OK to steal from others is beyond me. I never understood the logic behind it. To me, it’s NEVER OK. It doesn’t matter what it is. It could be stealing material possessions or stealing ideas, it’s the same damn thing because it doesn’t belong to you. And if it doesn’t belong to you, don’t take it! Simple.

What makes it so damn hard for people to acquire and earn things on their own? People are getting super lazy these days.

I don’t care what kind of situation you are in, there is no valid reason to deprive someone of what initially belongs to them. I’m in a tough position right now where I don’t have a lot of money, a lot of material possessions, or much to write about right now but attempting to take from others and be a conniving prick, just to improve my situation is not how I roll in life. I know I made this decision to live in my Jeep and I did it to improve my life because I care about my own damn well being, so I’m doing something about it. No one said it would be easy but at least I’m trying and I’m doing it on my own. So I deal with what I currently have because when I have less, I appreciate more.

This issue of theft has been surfacing a lot lately during my travels. I can’t help but notice how many “recent theft” signs and sketchy people I’ve come across in different areas on my travels.

The first sign I came across didn’t surprise me. I still acknowledged it because you couldn’t help but take notice. It was in a San Fransisco parking lot near the Golden Gate Bridge off Merchant Rd. An SUV’s back and side window were busted during the day time. There were a few cops investigating it and I asked if that happens a lot in that area and one officer said it happens all the time. So I left.

Then I headed up 5 hours north towards Mt. Shasta later that evening. I stopped in Redding the next day at a Walmart to pick up some stuff and decided to chill in my Jeep and look up some possible areas to check out nearby on my GPS. It was hot outside, so I rolled down my windows. A young, random guy, who didn’t look homeless whatsoever, came up to my passenger’s side window, looked in and saw me, said, “Damn” then left searching around the parking lot. I thought, “Wow, in Redding?” I thought this place was a nice, quiet and humble community with a low crime rate….hmmm. Time to move on.

After my stay in Mt. Shasta for 3 days, I headed back down towards San Jose to work out and shower at a gym in a city called Walnut Creek. Sounds like a pretty chill town where people leave your shit alone, right? Nope. The first thing I noticed in the bathroom were huge bright pink signs everywhere indicating recent thefts that took place and to lock up your shit and never leave possessions unattended. I thought, great another sign.

Then after leaving the gym, I headed towards Barnes and Nobles in a city a little south called Pleasanton. Another name to throw me off. I sat in my Jeep eating an apple with the windows down and some girl who looked like she was in her late teens came up to my window, just like the dude from Redding. Once she saw me sitting there looking at her like, “Um, can I help you?” she acted like she was trying to walk somewhere else. Then I watched her and saw her friend come up to a car trying to see if it was unlocked like they owned it. I kept watch on these two and as soon as they saw me watching them, they took off somewhere. I couldn’t believe it. And what do you know, the owner of the car came up, not too long after these girls attempted to break in.

Finally, I arrive in Sedona, Arizona yesterday evening. I was super stoked to check out one of my favorite chill spots: Bell Rock. I thought, “Hell to the yeah” once I pulled up. And what do I see when I go to pay for a Red Rock pass at the parking machine? A huge fucking sign right by it that indicated a recent vehicle break in and to lock your vehicle and not leave possessions inside. I was pretty livid at this point. Super livid, in fact. Of all places, Sedona?!?! Really?! Why?! And so I decided to write about it because I’m pretty disappointed on how conniving some humans can be.

Now with all the “signs” of theft I’ve seen over the last week, I’ve wondered if this was either the Universe telling me that I need to stay alert of my Jeep and all the shit I have inside or the Universe telling me that there’s a bunch of thieves out there in the world and I need to spread the word on how bad it is to steal. Probably both.

I’m now trying to stay super alert of my Jeep and my possessions, because that’s all I really have left and to get the word out there that stealing other people’s shit is bad for business. It’s bad karma and definitely not cool.

So tell your friends, tell your dog, tell the tree down the street: Stealing is bad, so don’t do it. Be a good human being and earn your own shit! Cheers!


4 thoughts on “Why Do People Steal?

  • Stealing is getting bad EVERYWHERE and it’s sad isn’t it? I think back to the days (1960s and 70s) when my mother would make a grocery store run and we wouldn’t even lock the house up. We never locked our cars back then either. Unfortunately, those days are over. I somehow think the drug epidemic has something to do with why stealing is so rampant in our society today. I wonder too, if parents just aren’t teaching their kids that stealing is wrong and bad. Good for you for posting about it and spreading the word. Somebody taught you right.

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    • Thanks. ❤ I think I've always known it was just bad to steal. When I was 10 years old, I was hanging out with a couple of friends who were teenagers and they broke into a house. I knew it was bad but of course peer pressure as a kid can be tough. I went into this house and stole a soccer ball. I was never caught but that guilt sticks with me to this day.
      And you are right, I think the drug epidemic has a lot to do with it, the parenting and also social media and reality shows. Seems like most people want to keep up with the Kardashians and other celebrities, so they need to do what they can to appear like they are living the lavish life and a lot of times that means stealing from others.

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  • It really is a freaking issue. I see it all the time, everywhere. I’m moving soon and I find I’m more concerned at looking at crime rates in the areas im looking at then what the apartment looks like -_- and then when I see “20 thefts in 3 months” I’m like “oh sweet, that’s not too bad” considering a lot of places are way above that. Sad, sad times. Thanks for the post!

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    • Anytime! ❤ and wow "20 thefts in 3 months" is considered minor?!?! Yikes! If I could go back and actually live in New Zealand, I would. There's hardly any crime there. Everyone is very respectful as Kiwis are very respectful of their land and their people.

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