How Affirmations Work

Simple. You give it meaning. Lots of meaning and lots of good ones.

Think of affirmations like a car. In order to get to where you want to go, you have to put fuel in the car. Not just any fuel, but the kind that is the most efficient. You wouldn’t want to put diesel fuel in a car that will only run on 89 octane fuel, right? Because you just may cause the opposite of what you want to affirm. So don’t put the wrong meaning with the affirmation. This includes any doubt and fear based thoughts. Also, if you don’t give it any meaning, then you get nowhere.

To give it meaning, connect whatever affirmation you are making with something awesome that has happened to you that you want to experience all over again and also with various things that make you feel pumped up about it.

For example, an affirmation I made is:

I am massively abundant with massive abundance.

Sounds a bit confusing at first but I love this affirmation because I love the word massive, I know the meaning behind abundance, and the affirmation just sounds cool as fuck to me. I love saying it because sometimes I fuck it up and confuse the hell out of myself and that makes me laugh. I also love this affirmation because it reminds me of all the times I received massive abundance in my life because I was feeling massively abundant. I also love the song “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons as it reminds me of doing whatever it takes to make my affirmation go full throttle. I also love the lyrics of course because it’s pretty catchy.

So you see, I gave a lot of meaning to my affirmation.

In the past, when I’ve made affirmations such as a plain ass “I am abundant”, it did nothing because it was a dull and mundane statement to me. Anyone can say that over and over again and I did without really giving a shit about it and guess where it got me? Nowhere. And then it just got lost and abandoned in the land of bumfuck nowhere.

Also, I tried to make a whole bunch of affirmations at once and well, that’s just dumb and overwhelming. I ended up forgetting a lot of them and not really focusing on one in particular. That’s like trying to juggle multiple boyfriends/girlfriends. You can try to juggle, but then you’re bound to forget one or two or fuck up a name somewhere then chaos ensues and you lose them all. So don’t make multiple affirmations and don’t cheat. 🙂

In my opinion, affirmations work really well when you focus on one at a time. When you put all your energy into that one then you see results faster. Then when that affirmation becomes your reality, you can start to work on another affirmation. You just keep going, but one affirmation at a time. It just becomes a game of how many sweet affirmations can reality confirm for me throughout my life?

So make an affirmation right now that rocks your socks, give it a lot of fuel and see what happens. And for fun, check out the song below that adds fuel to my affirmation. Cheers!


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