What A Spiritual Awakening Feels Like

It feels like going through spiritual puberty.

But what does spiritual puberty feel like? I’ll elaborate on both.

As of right now, I am not fully awake, I’m still going through the spiritual puberty process as my consciousness is changing through mind expansion. My last two posts verify that I am still not fully awake because they show how fearful and angry I still feel, but Sedona is doing an awesome job of bringing these things up for my awareness so I can handle business. When you are fully awake, it’s rare to feel negative emotions. Why? Because you are mostly at peace.

When we are young, our consciousness is mostly directed towards playtime because we have not been exposed to responsibilities. And because we haven’t been exposed to responsibilities, worry and stress are non-existent and toys are fascinating to us; we could play with them all day every day. That’s because our consciousness levels are in alignment with playtime. And for this elaboration, I’m going to use choo-choo trains to explain 3 levels of consciousness according to my own theory. This will be level 1.

As we get older, our consciousness expands. We no longer want to play with toy choo-choo trains. We would rather focus on working a job to make money, start a family and just do adult-like things. That’s because our consciousness levels are in alignment with responsibilities of being an adult. This is level 2.

When spiritual awakening is activated, our consciousness expands once again. However, this is beyond what most people have experienced, so it is nowhere near as accepted in society as level 2. This is what makes life challenging and it’s level 3.

So what exactly does level 3 consciousness feel like?

As I’ve explained, when we get older, we don’t want to play with toy choo-choo trains anymore because we would rather do “normal” adult-like things, like maybe build real trains. When you are at level 3, these adult-like things in level 2 are now the toy choo-choo trains. You don’t want to do the normal work that you were ok doing before, if it doesn’t fulfill your purpose in life whether it’s a corporate 9-5 job or working at Starbucks. You start to see beyond what society says you’re “supposed to do”. And you no longer want to work for other people but feel that you need to walk alone on your newfound awakening journey.

When you are waking up, you want to start serving humanity in a way because you start to become fully aware of what’s really going on in the world. Even though you can see everything with your two eyes, you can really feel the real deal with your third eye without trying. It just happens and it’s more powerful than what you can see with your two eyes.

So because this level of consciousness isn’t accepted much, trying to go back to your level 2 consciousness is quite difficult. It’s even more difficult when loved ones tell you that you have to go back to “getting a job” instead of “acting crazy” by trying to “find your purpose in life”. When they tell you this is like someone telling them that they should stop doing adult-like things and go back to playing with choo-choo trains again. You don’t want to do it because you realize that you’re awareness is above what people think you “should be doing”.

Since I’m on what I call the 3rd level of consciousness, I can distinguish the difference between someone who is actually going through the puberty part of awakening and someone who really has a chemical imbalance. When I started the awakening journey, the expansion part was very slow but people still considered me a bit on the “coo-coo” side. I knew I wasn’t crazy but that I was just starting to understand life more and telling people what they were so oblivious to made me “coo-coo”.

Several months ago, I had to take an extensive 300 questionnaire psychological evaluation exam with essays in order to work with certain military groups and talk to a “shrink” because it’s a part of the process for the safety of these guys, which I completely understood. I knew exactly how to answer the psych eval, along with how to answer questions from the psychologist, because I knew I did not have any psychological problems.

If you really do have psychological problems, these questions will be very confusing as they are meant to do and your answers will show it. The shrink will spot it too. Of course, everyone I took the test with looked at me in shock as to why I finished the test so quickly. I’m sure they thought I either didn’t care, or that I was just “coo-coo”. I wasn’t worried about it and I received a call back confirming that I passed.

Now the spiritual puberty part….

This is the tough one. As your mind starts to expand, you start to question everything. This is like puberty during your teen years. Your body is changing and so is your mind. It’s accepted because it happens to all of us and people are understanding of it, even when the teenager going through it has no idea and is confused about what’s going on.

Spiritual puberty is the same but it deals with changes in the spirit and mind. So lots of confusion going on because you can start to see things for what they really are with your third eye, not for how you just see them with your two eyes. And the third eye trumps your two seeing eyes.

Even though the opening of your third eye is really a huge gift, it is hardly accepted and it doesn’t happen to all of us because some people aren’t open to it and are completely ok with living in level 2 consciousness by the never-ending competition in the rat race or even level 1 consciousness by playing video games all the time as adults, but that’s fine. Nothing wrong with that as my favorite video game is Final Fantasy VII, only because it has always resonated with me, especially Cosmo Canyon, but not only that, it definitely resonates with this post. So I’ll consider Final Fantasy VII as a representation of the 3rd level of consciousness. However, even though this game is super rad, I don’t have the urge to play it anymore whatsoever because I just don’t feel that it contributes towards my new purpose in life.

So if you find yourself not wanting to do the same mundane things in life but instead want to search for meaning and purpose in life, welcome to the spiritual awakening club.


Photo: The only living prickly pear cactus flower I came across in Sedona, Arizona these past several days. While everything else seems to be fading in life during the super dry summer, this little fella refused to fade away with the rest. Quite the trooper, I’d say.


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