Energy Is Contagious

What kind of energy are you sending out every day?

The night before I left Florida to road trip up towards NY with Kal, my daughter, I was guided to hop on my Hulu account to watch a movie. It was the last night I could watch movies because I requested to put the account on hold for a few months while I travel.

I felt like rewatching the movie 2:22, a movie about twin flames and synchronicities but was strongly directed towards searching around for something else. And then it appeared: Beatriz at Dinner. I was stoked and thought “Perfect!”

When this movie first came out in theaters about a year ago, it was limited, which seemed strange to me. I really wanted to see it but for some reason I never really got around to watching it. It’s almost as if I was bombarded with the existence of this movie by ads galore and then it just completely vanished from my awareness until the other night.

Now I know why I was prevented from watching it when it originally came out in theaters and I’m really glad I didn’t watch it until the other night. My perception and perspective of the movie would have been completely different if I had watched it for the first time when it was first released.

So what is this movie about?

Energy, and how contagious it is, especially for an empath, who is a natural energy sponge and healer.

Beatriz, played by Salma Hayek, is an energy healer. She visits a wealthy client to give her a massage right before a business dinner party. After the massage, Beatriz attempts to leave but her car won’t start. Her client offers her to stay for the dinner party, which includes a powerful machiavellian businessman name Doug, played by John Lithgow.

I won’t explain the rest of the movie as I feel it should be watched. What I will explain is my perspective of the entire movie and what hit home to me.

So you have “good vs evil” at this dinner party. Beatriz is a person who is a person of compassion and healing, whereas, Doug is a person who has destructive tendencies.

Beatriz is very warm and compassionate during the first part of the movie by giving hugs and being social with everyone at the dinner party. You can see how she isn’t affected in a destructive way by any of the dinner guests she has come into contact with. She keeps her spirits up and strives to maintain her balanced energy, even though she can sense what’s really going on with the other guests, and the host during the massage at the beginning of the movie. However, once she steps into Doug’s energy field for the first time after dinner with a simple but short massage to help heal him, she contaminates her own energy field and you can see it in her face when she picks up on it. Then you start to see what this energy does to her behavior for the remainder of the movie and what she does at the end to release herself from that powerful negative energy. It’s not what most people think she’s doing.

What really hit home to me was how Beatriz struggles to do what’s right but is constantly beaten down by all the negative energy swarming around her, including the oblivious guests, which makes her appear like a hypocrite. She knows what they all cannot comprehend and it drains her energy. And what’s unfortunate is that because they are all so “blind” to what’s really going on, she has to deal with that in the best way she can without allowing herself to succumb to it, which is pretty freakin hard.

When you don’t know how to transmute shitty energy into positive energy, you will come off as an asshole without even realizing it. I know because I’ve been portrayed this way so many times throughout my life. The things I felt were the right thing to do, were portrayed incorrectly many times because I didn’t know how to make it to where everyone could understand from my point of view. The only ones who could were either people who have been in my shoes or people who are open minded.

Most people who are generally unaware in consciousness and have a lot of negative energy within their energy field/aura/pandora’s box will pay close attention to what goes wrong instead of what goes right in every aspect of life. Like attracts like. The type of energy you give out and you pay attention to is the type of energy you will receive and you hold within your space.

When you are an energy healer, you pick up on energy quick. Most of the times it’s unconscious from the environment you are in. I didn’t realize just how much negative energy I picked up until recently. I had picked up so much negative energy for years that when it was finally being released, it was overwhelming and it took a long full and gruesome year to get rid of.

Now I pay close attention to how I feel around certain people and environments since I’ve recently picked up on that ability pretty strongly. If I feel good, I will definitely stick around and absorb that energy, if I feel a bit off, I’ll still stick around for a bit as I feel there may be some healing I can help with, but if it feels downright shitty, I’ll peace out.

So really, what kind of energy are you sending out every day?


Photo: Live oak trees with Spanish moss at the Wormsloe Historic Site in Savannah, Georgia. A lot of great energy in this area and the surrounding areas of Savannah. I took this photo from my iphone dock on my Jeep windshield.




10 thoughts on “Energy Is Contagious

    • Whatever it is, the important thing is that you’ve acknowledged it. Now it’s time to make changes. Like you’ve told me and now I’m sending back to you: You got this! ☺️


      • What’s funny is that I’m so overly aware of how this works that I still needed to ‘say it’ for me to then find a griping point. If that makes sense. I’m still hung up on one thing. But I do know what needs to be done. And thank you. I got this!

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  • OMG! I love that movie 2:22. I swear I was guided to that movie. But this one sounds interesting and may watch one day.
    I agree, energy is contagious. My bestie has just broken up with her bf and wow!! The negativity that is flying off her in waves… I literally cannot be around her right now, and she feel I’m ignoring her and taking sides (she’s really angry). So last night, I sat there, hugged my pillow (crazy thing I do, I can feel my TF that way) closed my eyes and I just sent unconditional love to her, then I sat there and emptied myself of the negative energy I could feel from her and sent her some more love. I thought I was insane, but it made me feel better and I was able to sleep. Next day(this morning), she comes around and most of her anger is gone, and she was apologizing for the way she was acting with everyone. I was gobsmacked. Did I help with that? I’m not 100% sure but i mean come on…How amazing is that?
    Love your blog chick, as always. Hope your road trip is going well. Xxx

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  • Read your twin flame post…and you said you have name is feels nice that your daughter has half my name..haha..but small doubt..did you married your soulmate or twin is your is intensity of your love

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