Energy and Breakups

Breakups hurt. Breakups suck. But you know what, we learn a great deal from them.

We evolve.

I’ve been through many breakups in my life. Not only were these breakups romantic breakups, but they involved jobs, family, friends, living situations, the ego, etc. Without them, I wouldn’t have become the Jen I am today.

As I’ve mentioned in several of my posts, we are all balls of energy connected energetically and we all play a role. I like to think of us all dancing in one big never-ending evolutionary costume party.

The more we dance around or pay attention to someone, some thing or somewhere energetically, we become more connected to them and do this little dance for some time (that in later lifetimes, turns into episodes of deja vu, nostalgia and unexplained recognition). But when it’s time to pull away in the present moment, it’s never an easy break.

The best thing to do right after a break up is to recognize and understand that all it is, is just energy and the breakup happened in order to evolve.

Easier said than done right?

I get it. I actually experienced two of the biggest breakups in my life at the same time a year ago. It lead to lots of confusion, depression and many, many suicidal thoughts (which I’ll post about soon). These two breakups hit harder than the time I had to sign papers to take my mother off life support (which I’ve already blogged about) and that was a HUGE breakup that blindsided me.

What I came to realize after many, many meditative sessions, was that all it was, was just energy. I love my mom, and I know I’m always connected to her. I love my twin flame and I know I’m always connected to him. And I love my ego and I know I’m always connected to it. However, I have learned to not allow myself to create an illusion that I’m ever disconnected from them. And guess what, I’m super chill with that.

As humans, we tend to live most of our lives based on illusion, AKA, the matrix. And we become prisoners to our emotions AKA energy in motion. We think that once our 3D connections with someone or something comes to an end in our 3D reality, we are doomed and then our emotions start to kick in full gear by generating the energies of anger, sadness, depression, etc. like the hadouken Ryu generates in Street Fighter. The energy we generate isn’t blue or visible like Ryu’s but it is energy just like his and you can unleash it onto others and do damage just like his. But we are NEVER disconnected… so why allow all the destructive energies to consume us? All we’re doing in our 3D life is just dancing with energy.

Some energies dance with each other for 100 years, some dance for 100 minutes. Nothing is ever meant to dance together forever in the same costume. If it were, people would never “die”, trees and flowers would never “die” and we would still be riding donkeys, horses and camels for transportation and live like cavemen or if you want to get technical and go way back, we’d still be prokaryotes. But really, we never die, because we are energy and we change form so we can evolve into something better.

So the next time you experience a harsh breakup, think of it as an evolutionary dance. We’re all here to evolve. Cheers!

Thank you Sharona Mae from Discovering Twin Flames for inspiring me to write this post.

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