The Difference Between 3rd Dimension (3D) senses and the 5th Dimension (5D) sense

Humans are born with two eyes to see and one eye to know.

3rd dimension (3D) senses are the senses we have for human survival: sight, sound, touch, taste, smell. The 5th dimension (5D) sense we have is knowing.

Since we live in the 3D reality, or matrix, it’s easy to experience the 3D senses because as mortal humans, we need them to survive. Our ancestors had to develop a way to prevent being attacked by sabre-toothed tigers and other predators, so they used their (3D) senses to develop a defense mechanism called fight or flight. This powerful but short stress response hormone release in their brain would cause them to be on guard when needed so they wouldn’t lose in the game of “survival of the fittest”. And voila, here we are with that same defense mechanism. Unfortunately, in modern times, this fight or flight mechanism is used incorrectly.

When we over use our 3D senses, we create all sorts of illusions. This is called prolonged stress. Too much of the stress response hormone called cortisol is released and over time it causes problems not only within our mind but our body, as they are connected.

The whole point of our 3D senses is to use it properly like our ancestors did. They didn’t worry about what others thought of them or who liked their Instagram posts. All they cared about was living life and trying to survive. So because they used their 3D senses correctly, they survived. And because they survived, here we are.

So what allowed our ancestors to generate the idea of using their senses to develop the fight or flight mechanism? Their 5D sense of knowing. And this came because they didn’t have distractions such as social media to create illusions and block them from creating this very vital survival tactic.

Our 5th dimension (5D) sense of knowing is our intuition/gut feeling in regards to our own life force. Many believe there’s a difference between intuition, gut feeling, third eye, etc. But really, it’s all unified to keep things simple. There’s no need to separate our single sense of knowing into classifications like the DSM-5.

When we allow our 3D senses to stray away from the simplicity of knowing, we become the DSM-5 and block our one powerful sense of internal guidance.

This is why meditation is so important. It’s the number one way to shut down all the crazy illusions we create with our 3D senses so we can not only connect with who we really are, but acknowledge and understand our connections to everyone and everything we come into contact with. It’s the higher consciousness that strips away all the sugar coated bullshit (like telling kids Santa and the Easter bunny don’t exist) and makes us realize what’s really going on and ultimately banishes fear.

When you are living life primarily based on your 3D senses, you live in a world full of fear. This includes creating illusions of what others negatively think about you (which is usually wrong), worrying too much about matters out of your control (which is pretty much everything), unnecessary competitions with other people, paying too much attention to time and negative aspects of positive situations and pretty much anything that aligns with “doom” and “limited possiblities”.

When you are living life primarily based on your 5D sense, you live in a world full of love. This includes understanding you are connected with everyone and everything,  death is really just a change in energy, time doesn’t exist as we are continuously evolving in energy, positive aspects are apparent in any given situation, and pretty much anything that aligns with “evolve” and “infinite possibilities”.

So basically, as humans, we only need our 3D senses to survive but need our 5D sense to live. How do you want to spend your life? Living in fear or living in love?




19 thoughts on “The Difference Between 3rd Dimension (3D) senses and the 5th Dimension (5D) sense

      • Hmmm…I am continuously getting this feeling of wanting to be with a girl…I never saw her ,or talked but chatted with her…when I chatted for few days I was spell bound..because I never thought girls like that will exist..I mean I used to think about my dream girl..I never thought those qualities exist in a girl..I always thought it’s just wild fantasy..but it came true…and after that due to some consequences she avoided talking to me..AnD I confessed her what I felt for her,she said she need time..but still she is not chatting with me for three months..I mean..I thought of forgetting her several times..but the feeling comes like boomeramg with intensity which is unexplainable ,that push is coming from heart area kind of pain..I really want to meet her..but she likes to be anonymous…after she came into life lot of things in me’s like a challenge and I am evolving ..she said she will message me whenever she needs..but the problem is I really want to be with her..everyday I can’t stop thinking of her..though I never saw her…I really want to be with her..and first time I fell in love with girls personality’s Soo strong..I never imagined that would happen to me it’s unexpected…and now I am unable to see or love any other girl..just want to wait for her..sometimes I really try to forget her..but the feeling is coming reverse with large intensity..I asked universe..and sometimes I am unable to crack signs…now even though I want to date a girl..I am comparing with this girl I met online….that kind of things is really unique..she is really unique for me..what should I do..should I listen to my gut..first of all is it gut ??

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      • You are putting too much energy into her, which causes resistance. And she’s not putting any towards you, which is causing you to pull. There must be an equal give and take. When you try too hard to pull her towards you, she will only feel repulsed. She may come to you once you learn to put the energy towards yourself because you attract not what you want but what you are.
        The best thing to do is to try and forget her as hard as that may be but it’s for the best in the long run. If it’s really meant to be with her, it will be. 😊

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  • But according to law of attract what you think…so I should be able to get with her know…Do you think I have destined soulmate??? If she is my soulmate destined for me..will she come to me..even though I don’t care!?!?

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    • You are right, you do attract what you think. However, you cannot manipulate anyone’s free will nor will you attract anything you think about unless you let go of the outcome. If it were that easy then we would be attracting everything we want all the time.
      When you want to attract something but are too attached to its outcome is like trying to send an email to someone without clicking on the send button. You’re not allowing the process to start working the way it should.
      When it comes to people and free will there’s no love spell you can make for someone to be with you. It’s not fair for the other person just like it wouldn’t be fair for anyone to do that to you.
      When I say you attract what you are not what you want is pretty much implying that if you love yourself you will attract love.
      We all have various soulmates. You will know which one is destined by just knowing. When I say knowing it means you will be ok if they stay or if they ever decide to leave.

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  • I know that I can’t change anyone’s free will..just I want to meet her in real life and talk..then I want to figure out things….Do you think I can meet her..I just want to figure out that whether she is destined for me or not…but I really want to talk to her openly about what I am feeling…if our relationship doesn’t work..I am completely fine with that…but want to meet her in real life..that’s what I want now

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