Why Am I Single?

Because I do what I want! Ha!

I get asked this question a lot, both in person and on my blog. And the answer, for the most part, is deep connection.

My last relationship was with my twin flame, Josh. Yes, I mentioned his name, finally. It began in April 2017 and ended in September 2017. It was the shortest relationship I’ve ever had but took the longest to heal from because of the deep connection we have. I will always love Josh but I feel we were only meant to dance around each others energy for a short period of time in order to “activate” each other towards massive spiritual growth. We don’t need to be around each other in our 3D reality anymore because we’ve already established that connection and we are always connected anyways.

But aside from my connection with Josh, I don’t want to be involved with anyone right now and probably for some time. I feel that since my consciousness has evolved tremendously over the last year and I’m becoming besties with my ability as an empath to pick up on other people’s energy, being able to connect with someone on a very deep level is pretty damn tough. I can spot insecurity and bullshit pretty fucking quick. And let me tell you, outside appearances don’t mean shit.

Attractive outside appearances are really just a bonus. I’ve dated men that are really physically attractive most of my life but the connection was always off so the breakups never phased me. But the one who left the biggest mark on me was the one I was not physically attracted to at first but had the deepest connection with, which was Josh. His physical appearance started to become really attractive because I sensed his inner confidence. He wasn’t trying to prove anything to me or anyone else like all the other boyfriends in the past have. He was just chill with who he was and I sensed that. In fact, I admired it. What you feel on the inside, shows on the outside.

I’ve always considered myself to be very physically attractive and I have become more confident in life as I get older. I’ve never wanted to change the way I look and I’ve never been interested in plastic surgery… aaaand I’d like to keep it that way. So no, the reason why I’m single doesn’t have to do with insecurity. I’m just very, very picky with who I share a lot of my energy with.

If I end up living the rest of my life being single, cool, if I get into another relationship, cool. It doesn’t matter because the only relationship I should ever pay attention towards is the relationship I have with myself.

Far too often I see people who are in relationships wishing they weren’t in one and people who aren’t in one wishing they were. To me, this just shows how truly disconnected they are from themselves.

I have blogged about my perfect quintessential man, and that post still stands firm with me, but I’m not looking for him because I’ve got other plans up my sleeve right now.

If I do meet someone, I’m sure I’ll post about it, but until then, I’m just chillin’, doing my own thing. Cheers!

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