Cleaning Up My Blog

The other day I decided to go back through all of the posts on my blog and start cleaning them up a bit.

This means getting rid of unnecessary tags, recategorizing posts and deleting various affiliate links, but not deleting or editing anything in the written portion of the post as I would like to keep them in their original form.

I usually allow myself to edit posts up to 24 hours after I publish them, just to clear up some grammar mistakes and add anything else that may come up after I publish. I’m getting better at not having to do any editing whatsoever, but it still happens sometimes.

The reason why I feel compelled to clean up my blog is to clear a lot of stagnant and resistant energy building up. And yes, I can feel it. I’ve added way too many tags on many of my posts that are unnecessary and most of the posts are “uncategorized”.

I’m a huge advocate of energy clearing and simplicity. When I don’t have a lot of stagnant shit going on, I’m pretty chill. I absolutely love my blog and I feel like I have a lot of helpful words to send out for others to pick up on but when there’s some stagnant and resistant energy going on, those words become blocked. Get what I’m sayin’?

I also got rid of the affiliate links for Amazon, as I’ve come to acknowledge the true energy that lies within working for and with that company, which isn’t the type of energy I want to chill with. And this was a huge release of resistant energy.

I’ve worked as an employee in their warehouse, and as an independent contractor for both delivering services and affiliate marketing. I felt a deep sense of resistance when I worked all three but ignored it and kept attempting to try really, really hard to make them work. There was no flow whatsoever and honestly, I never felt the drive or spark to make any of them work out. So the end of my relationship with Amazon is when it finally worked out.

Don’t get me wrong, Amazon provides a lot of great deals, but I’m just not meant to try and dance around their kind of energy anymore in regards to working. I even received a deactivation e-mail from the affiliates program the very next day after I started deleting the links from my posts. I thought, “Ha, are you kidding me..this is perfect!” I thought this way because as I started deleting the affiliate links, I received physical confirmation of the energy I was clearing out.

Now I’m just waiting to receive a deactivation letter from the delivery services as they’ve been trying to send me a shit ton of work once I left San Jose. I haven’t been able to take any because I’m not in San Jose. And it’s funny because when I was in San Jose trying to get work from them, it was pretty difficult and frustrating. So lots of clashing going on with this company, don’t you think?

But even though Amazon didn’t work out for me, I still think affiliate marketing in general is awesome. It’s just about finding what works and what doesn’t.

So now that I’m in the process of cleaning up the stagnant energy on my blog, I’m starting to feel much better about the energy it contains. I also feel compelled to interact with other bloggers more than I’ve done in the last few months. Heyo!

It really is amazing how energy works and how it affects the way you feel when you work with it. So if you feel some kind of stagnant and/or resistant energy within your blog, clean it up a bit. But whatever you do, don’t give up on writing itself as that’s the kind of energy you should always work with, whether or not you always feel the flow. The awesome energy in writing is always there, you just have to get rid of the outside bullshit to see and feel its awesomeness. Cheers!


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