The Type of Blogs I Follow

I follow the blogs that resonate with me.

Most of the blogs I follow are associated with higher consciousness/spirituality and Stoicism because they’re the type of energy I’m interested in and that’s the type of energy I want to surround myself with.

Other blogs are just intriguing to me, whether they are all about sharing their poems or sharing their personal lives of trials and tribulations. It’s nice to have variety to maintain balance.

What blogs I don’t follow are the ones that have a massive amounts of followers and like almost every one of my posts but I see they sometimes never read them or ever comment. It’s a very inauthentic way to gain me as a follower and I’m not about inauthenticity. I do pay attention to who likes my posts.

I would rather have 200 followers who are actually interested in what I write about instead of 200,000 followers I tricked into following me. It’s not about numbers, it’s about value.

So if I am following you, there’s a reason: You resonate with me in some way. Cheers!



15 thoughts on “The Type of Blogs I Follow

  • I feel the same way about following blogs that have a large amount of followers. I noticed that at one point they “liked” a ton of my post, then I followed them, then poof they were gone.
    I like to be part of a blogging community where I genuinely enjoy reading their posts and it’s mutual❤️

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      • Can I ask you friend saw number 13 many times..then health deteriorating,and many pressures came in to his distorted his peace..and for me I saw 36 for almost three four days continuously…I don’t know what this brings me..when I checked Angel numbers..they are giving vague info..I am not satisfied with that…do you know any of these

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      • Number synchronicities in general mean awareness. Each numbering sequence has it’s own direct meaning. I don’t read online about them anymore as I’ve learned to use my own intuition to decipher their meaning. The numbers 13 and 666 have been given negative meanings from many sources and like I’ve mentioned, energy is contagious. If you not only think but actually feel that these numbers represent bad luck, then that’s what it becomes. You always hold the power to give something meaning.
        I feel that you worry too much about things. Just try to relax, Ok? Don’t worry about the numbers if it makes you feel uncomfortable.
        Focus on just what makes you feel good. I always see the number 214. To me this represents Valentine’s Day, a Hallmark day of “Love” and also reminds me of a good friend of mine who was born on this day, who is also a soulmate of mine.


      • Thanks for taking time to type such long message..I am just stranger to you but still you are helping me…lot of thanks jen..I too want to do something of possible…you are really a mentor jen..someday I really want to chat with you..and have deep and meaningful conversations..which will help me to enlighten…thanks darling I mean it

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