Sedona, My First Energy Home

I cannot explain in full detail how this place makes me feel.

The moment I arrived in Sedona, Arizona, the first thought that came up was “home”. I finally felt at home.

Maybe it was the amazing formation of the red rocks everywhere, the massive amounts of Jeep Wranglers strolling by, or the nostalgic feeling I had about Cosmo Canyon from Final Fantasy VII that made me feel like I was home. Maybe it was all of it because they all had a very huge impact on me and to this day, it still does. Anytime I hear about Sedona, I get excited.

When I visited Sedona for the first time, I really didn’t know what to expect because I was still trying to figure out what spirituality meant. I just remember thinking to myself to keep an open mind and see what happens. I had no idea what “vortexes” were but I remember reading about them and had to check them out. I also thought it was interesting that they are vortexes, not vortices.

I initially planned to stay there for a couple of days, but I ended up feeling a pull towards staying longer. Each day, I kept going to the resort lobby and booking another day because I just couldn’t leave! The way in which it all worked out, worked out in my favor. The room prices lowered right before I booked them, the weather ended up being beautiful every day I was there, regardless of what the weather app said, I had a lot of alone time on the hikes I did and I gained a shit ton of mental clarity.

When I left during my first visit, I was a little bummed because I didn’t think I absorbed any energy from the vortexes. This was because my understanding of absorbing energy, during that time, meant that I was going to feel the energy instantly as if I had just taken some kind of overwhelming psychedelic drug. It didn’t work that way because I wasn’t very open to receiving energy. But what it did do, that I didn’t know at the time, was that it started to awaken my pineal gland (third eye).

When I returned home and started working a new parachuting contract the day after I left Sedona, I started to notice a huge difference in how I felt energetically and everything in my life started to feel on point. That was until I met my twin flame, Josh, a couple of weeks later, who unknowingly cracked open my ego. I guess I can say that this was Sedona’s way of allowing me to experience the calm before the storm.

Since I met my twin flame, Josh, I’ve gone back to Sedona a few times. Unfortunately, I didn’t allow myself to stay long enough a couple of times. I was quite scatterbrained and felt very irrational while I was in contact with Josh. I couldn’t understand why at the time, but now I know why.

The third time was a charm. I was no longer in contact with Josh, so my energy was more stable and grounded. My energy this time was on a more determined level. I had a lot of questions, I wanted answers and I knew I needed to sit or hike near the vortexes, shut up and let the energy work its magic.

What I wanted to know was what I needed to do to see my daughter, Kal for the summer and how it was going to happen. I stayed for about 5 days, knowing that the energy of the vortexes would start to work its magic within my energy field (chakras/aura), and it did.

But just like objects in the law of physics, where no two objects can occupy the same space at the same time, formless energy is the same way. You cannot have both positive energy and negative energy occupying the same space. You can have both positive and negative within your energy field, but just like atoms within a molecule they cannot overlap/blend together the way water appears to do. If that were so, then molecules would never exist because there would be no “boundaries” to separate them, if that makes sense.

So what Sedona does, when you are very open to receiving energy, is make room in your energy field for positive energy to be absorbed. This means bringing the negative energy up into awareness to be released. And when you are open to receiving energy, you will feel a lot of negative emotions coming up.

I cried a lot and had lots of anxiety during my stay because for months I had a lot of negative energy that was stuck in my energy field somewhere. I became very open to receiving energy after meeting Josh, so a lot of unwanted energy subconsciously made its way into my energy field after my ego cracked open.

But let me tell you, even though I had to deal with the internal battles during my waking hours, Sedona rewarded me with really awesome nights. The nights I slept in my Jeep underneath the stars in perfect weather were the most comfortable nights I’ve had sleeping in a very long time. I woke up every morning in my Jeep refreshed and ready to head to the vortexes to release more negative energy.

Because I went to Sedona, I was able to get to where I am now, as the energy I receive from it starts to show in my external reality. But this is not to say I know everything about my life and never need to go back ever again. I know I will go back many times as I’m now very open to receiving (and giving) energy more than ever. My next visit will most likely happen when Kal goes back to Florida, as the massive amounts of traveling can zap a ton of energy away from me.

So yes, Sedona, my first energy home, is my ultimate powerhouse. I know there are other natural energy vortices around the world, like Stonehenge an Machu Picchu, that I plan to visit, but Sedona is definitely home.

Anytime I visit Sedona now, it makes me feel like the times when I finally find a wall outlet to charge my iphone, receive wifi, check unread email/messages, delete unwanted email/messages and update my apps/software right after not being able to do any of that for days. That feeling is just awesome! And the cool thing about the recharging energy that Sedona offers is that it’s free, natural and doesn’t require wifi in order to download. Sweeeet!

Photo: Cosmo Canyon by Ken Darmati. This fantasized photo of Cosmo Canyon from Final Fanasy VII definitely represents Sedona and the way I feel about it every time I’m there.

Photo: Ringo in front of the Chapel of the Holy Cross in Sedona. Tons of positive energy radiates from inside this little Roman Catholic chapel, as it welcomes people from all walks of life.


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