What Does the Speed Limit Sign Really Mean?

I’ve been on this pretty cool road trip among the states for the last month. From California to Florida, then from Florida to New York and now from New York to Maine, just for a few days to celebrate July 4th with family. And during my travels through the 15 states, one question kept popping up in my head: Why are people so confused?

I drive a Jeep Wrangler and any of my fellow Wrangler owners know, Jeep Wranglers aren’t very aerodynamic whatsoever. They are boxy and they are definitely not made to race down highways and freeways, especially when the tires are oversized. But they are lovely motorized beasts and fun as fuck to play with off pavement!

When I decided to take on this road trip, I wanted to enjoy it’s entirety. That means not rushing anywhere, as I’ve done so in the past. My primary focus is on enjoying the journey, not rushing to a destination.

So as I’m driving along the states, in the far right lane, going the speed limit, like a good law abiding citizen, I notice how cars are just flying by me consistently. I’ve even been tailgated multiple times, even when I’m going the speed limit.

During these vast times of observation, I just kept wondering why people are so confused. The speed limit signs vary from state to state, but I couldn’t help but notice that people seem to think the speed limit is the speed minimum. I’ve been honked at for going 70 mph on a 70 mph freeway in the far right lane and get passed with an attitude like I’m driving too slow. But why? Beats me. It’s as if people have a very distorted definition of limit. Or maybe I’m wrong and need to go back to driver’s ed.

But really, I know exactly what limit means and I also don’t want to get a speeding ticket…not that I could because my Jeep is pretty slow in general.

So what does the speed limit sign really mean? Who knows because everyone seems to be in such a rush nowadays. And what do I do about all these confused people? Eh, nothing. Just get out of their way and keep Jeep Jeepin’ on the road trip I suppose.


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