Writing A Book

One day I would love to do this, but…

Who would read my book?

What would I even write about?

Where do I send the final draft for review?

When would I finish the final draft?

Why should I even write a book?

How do I get started?!







10 thoughts on “Writing A Book

  • How indeed, i’d like to write a book one day. But not sire what it’ll be about or who i’d get to help me edit it.
    But i’d say write what like, get friends to read it and help edit. Ask authors about the process etc

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    • I kind of just want to throw together a bunch of random unedited thoughts together and submit it to a publishing company and see what happens. I thought about this long time ago when jokes were the main stars of my life but I knew no one would ever take me seriously so I never went through with it. It was just a thought.
      Publishing a book seems to be quite the task and I don’t feel that I’ve got the motivation to follow through with that task just yet. Although the process does intrigue me in a way. But if you do go out and publish book deal awesomeness… let me know! ☺️

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  • Great post! Cannot tell you how many I have started just hanging in limbo. It’s so frustrating. Maybe I should just put them all in a book and not finish it. Then it would be an incomplete book about incomplete books. 😳😬

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  • Talk about short posts, ahaha. Love it! I’m in this process… wait, I’ve been in this process for so long… I’ve chosen erotica, because that’s my thing. (Could you guess that yet?) But yes, I do want to start writing erotic novels, not just short stories. I will get there, with perseverance, I will get there.
    I prefer to self publish, there are agencies out there that will help for a small (now when I say small, I mean not really small) fee. I don’t like rejection letters… (go figure, I’m a twin flame, how am I lasting on this darn journey without falling apart – oh wait, already have, lol) so the idea of going through publishers is daunting for me. I don’t like know it all’s and that what publishers seem to be.
    Whatever you chose, I know you will succeed my darling. I believe in you. xxx big hugs

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  • For me this is a tricky one, because I hate to read books for some reason.
    Give me any audiobook and I digest it nonstop, because my thoughts go out my eyes so I like to listen.

    Hence I don’t want to dish out something I don’t like to consume myself.
    However, I recently thought a lot about writing, because I collected a lot of informations and thoughts within the last years.

    I realised that my time is of better value if I don’t explain things elaborately to individuals, but to share them with everyone, so I move slowly from mailing to blogging, which also gives me the chance to sort my many thoughts into categories, which I later may compile into a book. So I can write a bit about this and a bit about that in another random blog and am not tied up by having to stick to one theme and therewith experiencing a writer’s blog.

    The disadvantage of my approach is that I dished out everything publically already,
    but then again, I want to give to the internet what I got out of it by being able to research tons of free information.
    Also I do believe that if someone has a calling there should not be a shortage on ideas to later come again.

    However, my approach works for non-fiction and I probably wouldn’t do it with fiction, because if J.K.Rowling would have dished out the entire Potter-universe online she never would have made any money of it again.
    But then again Scott Sigler does it the other way around: He was one of the first ones to podcast and read all his novels in an enticing way, so he got himself known to me and I think many others.

    I am still in the decision-making, as you can see on my ongoing last series about spiritual principles.
    Meanwhile I let the energy flow.

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