“Likes” Are A Dime A Dozen

Views on the other hand, are golden.

I just wanted to throw this out there because Kat from Kat’s Observations brought this little nugget of wisdom to my attention in a comment. So thank you Kat!

If there’s anything on my blog that means a lot to me, besides the content I write and my fellow bloggers, it’s the impact my posts have. Getting “likes” really is a dime a dozen to me. I would feel empty if I had 100 likes on a post but 0 views, whereas, I would feel ecstatic about having 100 views but 0 likes.

Why? Because “likes” are generic with no real merit or value within itself. They are only meaningful when something is applied with it. Views have merit within itself. They show that even though the content may not have been liked, the viewer made an attempt to view. Maybe the view was not seen to its full extent or seen in a positive way but it was effort that counts. And just because someone didn’t “like” what I posted, doesn’t mean they didn’t like it.

Far too often the illusion of “they didn’t like it because they didn’t “like” it” throws people off. They start to feel bad and then the downhill snowball effect of the fallacies of failure starts rolling in. Don’t let that happen. As I’ve said before, there are many people who will genuinely like what you write regardless, they just haven’t read what you wrote.

There are billions of people in the world and I’m sure if everyone read what you wrote, at least a million would genuinely like what you wrote and a million people is a lot.

Anyways, I think many people fail to understand the true meaning of “likes”. Don’t get me wrong, getting “likes” are great but like I said, only when meaning is applied. This is the same with followers. I’ve blogged about all this before, but doesn’t hurt to bring it up again, right?

So in all honesty, we shouldn’t care about the amount of likes when it comes to the content we write. All we should really care about is how the content feels to us, what we intend to share with others and its impact. That’s it.



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