To Keep Blog Posts Long or Not To?

The main purpose of my blog was to write about aspects of my life and life in general in the most simplified way possible.

As I go back to reading my posts, I notice that many are just downright too long! To me, personally, I think that’s great! There was a lot of thought and meaning put into those posts but were they actually simplified versions of anything? It doesn’t matter because keeping things simple all the time means keeping things boring and I’m not about the boring life. Plus there are many aspects of life that can’t be simplified in under 3 paragraphs.

I would like to shorten up most of my posts though because I, myself, have a very short attention span not just because we live in an instant gratification era but because I’ve always resonated with the Type A Personality of impatience.

Very long books, such as Stephen King’s The Stand, is way too long for me, regardless of how interesting it is. In fact, I’m sure it’s too long for most people. It’s very interesting but I never finished it only because I don’t have the attention span for it. And because I realize that, I don’t want my blog posts to have that kind of “this is interesting but way too long” kind of flavor in it. This is just how I feel.

However, I’m more interested in how others feel. So what is your opinion on long vs shorter blog posts?





16 thoughts on “To Keep Blog Posts Long or Not To?

  • [ Smiles ] Honestly, the decision to post long or short blog posts is up to you.

    Now, I would like to point out, that there are people who are highly appreciative of long-form content.

    In my case, I have chosen to publish articles that are one thousand words and over.

    The secret is, knowing your audience and writing about a topic that you are truly passionate about.

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    • Absolutely!
      I don’t plan to change the content I write about because I don’t believe in writing anything inauthentic just to please anyone. I only intend to change the length in order to make the post “reader friendly”, as it’s not a book but merely just a blog post.
      And I appreciate long-form content as well but sometimes I feel some are just too long and drawn out.

      Thanks for your comment though. I very much appreciate it and loved it!

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  • I totally understand what you mean. I struggle with the same problem because if I am interested in a certain topic I can go on and on about it. I don’t want my writing to be hindered by the fact that less people will read it if its long, but I also don’t want my post to not be read at all. So what I usually do is I try to cap every post under 1,200 words as a compromise. In my opinion, as long you don’t make it all about the number of likes you get, if you want to make your posts a little shorter to make it reader-friendly I say go for it.

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  • For me it’s about sustaining interest and that means making every word count. If someone is writing 3,000 words that have me on the edge of my seat, I’m going to read it happily. On the other hand, 250 throwaway words might be quick to read but why would I want to.

    This means that just as it takes effort to maintain the attention to read a 2,500 word post, as a write you need to have the attention to stay focused when writing that post. And you have to edit ruthlessly. There is no time for meandering off on tangents.

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  • Stephen King’s a great writer, but he has some books that I’ve never finished.

    I prefer short posts, although I’ve written a few long ones. Creative writing teachers often teach to say as much as you can in as few words as possible. Cull all excessive, unnecessary words. They add nothing but more work for the reader. Grab your reader in the first sentence and keep them hooked. Rambling may lose them.

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    • Exactly! I write a lot when I journal but I realized that when I blog, it doesn’t need to be nearly as long. I figured if I had an idea for a post and it turned out to be really long, I could somehow cut it into two different posts, instead of one long one.

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