Earning $241,649 A Month From Blogging?!

How cool is that?!?!

A few months ago, I became really interested in learning more about affiliate marketing. I came across a YouTube video where a lady name Michelle Schroeder-Gardner was being interviewed about her earnings as a full-time blogger. I decided to check out her website and I couldn’t believe the amount of money she earns a month from her blog.

I had somehow forgotten to blog about her months ago and the thought of her came up again today as I received an email from an affiliate marketing company I’d like to pick up on once I gain enough traffic on my blog or decide to start another one through the WordPress self-hosting website. There’s a difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org when it comes to website limitations.

Anyways, Michelle provides her monthly earnings and they are quite impressive and very inspiring. It made me think of how awesome it would be to make a living without trying to sell anyone anything but rather to share your very own authentic ideas and experiences with people.

I thought that since I remembered Michelle today (and before I forget again) I would share her website for anyone who is truly passionate about blogging and would like to learn how to start earning money from it. After all, ideas are worth money and they both contain great energy and are always available to us. However, it’s up to us to give each their own value.

As a side note: If you are a WordPress blogger with at least a Premium membership, like me, or if you have a lot of traffic coming to your blog, you can start with WordAds. It doesn’t pay much but if you do have a lot of traffic, it will start to add up. Something is always better than nothing, right?

So if you are interested, check out Michelle at Making Sense of Cents. Cheers!


13 thoughts on “Earning $241,649 A Month From Blogging?!

    • It is really cool when you learn about it. I was kind of against it for a while. I didn’t want my blog to be all about the money and less about the fulfillment of writing. The way I understand it now is being rewarded for doing something I feel I should be doing and that I truly enjoy.

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  • First of all, thank you for your tips, and I would like to put in my 2 cents as a tip for you,
    which are not intended to be a party-pooper, but as a word of caution since I did waste a lot of energy on hypes:
    In a nutshell, for people who don’t like to read my long comment is: Go for it! (but keep your “hypes” down)

    Long story:
    Her success is indeed impressive and I am grateful for her and you to share all knowledge freely – something which makes you both great bloggers.
    My own experience with such success stories is just a little bit less simple as they sound:
    First of all we do read such stories only, but not the many of which failed, because nobody wants to display to the world what kind of sucker s/he was.
    Hence we see a bit of a distorted reality in which we only see the glamor of Hollywood but not the many many failed actors or did even ignore stories which not come out through #meToo only because successful people who made it to the top (partially by playing along) support it.
    The same applies to stock-broking where you can read a bunch of success stories, because this is advertising for brokers who want to make money from others, and the same applies to blogging: hypes attract readers.
    So we have to be aware that Michelle only has so many followers because of her financial advice which attracts the majority of people due to our current zeitgeist propagating wealth as the all-inclusive solution.
    A blog which talks about profound issues will very unlikely the masses and even if so, those more intelligent kind of readers will not be as susceptible to consumerism, resulting in much less clickthroughs for affiliation links,
    which brings me to the second aspect: Integrity.

    There is a factor which very subtly does change ourselves over the years and decades – so subtle that we don’t even notice: Tiny payoffs which do bend our principles bit by bit up to the point that a customs-officer takes a bribe which equals his annual income in order to “look the other way”.
    It starts with the affiliation links: Most people take Amazon links because they seem to pay best and it is easiest to have one affiliation account for all kinds of products, but unfortunately they did push a lot of people out of their businesses and the smaller bookstores around the corner with a tiny website would need such promotions more urgently. But we starting to close our eyes to that fact by overwriting it with pragmatic phrases.

    Next is Googles ad-sense which contributes to its monopolistic power to control the internet and passing on each and every information to the government in exchange for favours such as bandwidth , military pictures etc… I personally for example use duckduckgo.com and have no youtube account to avoid google.
    With the usage of the main ad-services (who track you over the entire net even when not using their services), there also comes a price of contributing to Adblock pus which in turn “blackmails” advertisers to be put on their whitelist.

    Plus: The question is how beneficial ads are in the first place anyway, because if you are starting to work on subtle energies then distracting people to get out of their way weakens their willpower – something you yourself would then have to re-heal.

    Once more: I am really not trying to bring you down in any way and really am hoping for you to have the biggest success possible, especially since I like what you read.
    My only agenda was to shed a view to this discussion which usually is overwritten by our excited greed.

    So maybe start of by putting up a donation button, because people like you, and it could be that more do show their appreciation than you anticipated.

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    • This is great! You are in no way of bringing me down whatsoever. You are upfront and stating your view from a realistic standpoint, which I very much respect and appreciate.

      I’m a realistic person myself but I only intended to share Michelle’s website as a form of inspiration. I did this from my optimistic point of view as I feel that anything is possible with the way in which energy works and how infinite it is.

      I think it’s great to share the idea that it is possible for anyone to work towards generating money flow from their blog. To me, the flow of money is great only because it allows me to spread that wealth of energy with others. I intuitively know that trying to keep that money strictly for myself is very selfish. It cuts off that flow of wealth and then starts generating negative energy instead.

      Far too often, people have abused the energy of money because they don’t understand the way energy works and that’s why there’s so many negative connotations towards wanting to have such a large amount. Money/currency holds such a high vibration of energy that it’s easy to become overwhelmed by it with greed, which is why it’s meant to be shared with others.

      And I understand where you are coming from in regards to Amazon and Google. I actually stopped working for and with Amazon, recently, for the exact reasons you stated in your comment.
      I do still believe in affiliate marketing for those companies who aren’t trying to be the “ultimate competitor” as they are just trying to be successful as a business.
      Oh and I have provided a link to my PayPal account on my sidebar for an contributions and donations. ❤

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    • Hi Sneha, welcome to the blogging world! The amount you earn from WordAds depends on the amount of views you receive during the month, which is a fraction of a penny per view. It also depends on the location. I receive more from those who view my content from the US as opposed to those who are in other countries, such as India.

      If you are just starting, I would recommend staying with the free plan until you start receiving high traffic around a minimum of 10,000 views a month because you’ll end up paying more for the premium plan than you make from WordAds. I hope this helps. 🙂


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