What Life’s Like As A Newfound Healer

It’s interesting to say the least and I’m still adapting to the changes.

I never thought of myself as a healer of any kind because I was actually told by many people, throughout my life, that I had bad vibes and was bad luck. It hurt of course and I never knew or understood why because I’ve always thought of myself as a good person.

To me, a good person is someone who tries to do what they feel is the right thing to do despite of any conflict with what they may really want to do. I understand that there are times when we feel doing the right thing actually turns out to not be the right thing at all. However, those times happen as a form of balance. We can’t always be right, right? And we learn from that.

When I first started this blog, I wrote about what defines a good person from an experience I had at the gym and it seemed to get a lot of great responses. I’ll share the link at the end of this post.

So just what kind of healer am I? A clairsentient psychic, an empath, a clairsentient empath?

It doesn’t matter. I just know that I can pick up on and sense energy more than I ever could. I also seem to bring up the hidden/stuck energy in people without doing anything but just being in their physical presence. So now I understand why people either love me or think I’m bad luck. And I do admit, I’ve absorbed a lot of bad energy myself many times and there are other empaths who can pick up on that but don’t actually tell me I’m bad luck or have bad vibes. They just have a way to show me without speaking, like I do to other people. It took me a bit to understand how that works, but damn, I’m glad I finally figured it out.

People who do tell me that I’m bad luck are the ones who are very closed off to spirituality and seem to have a lot of deep hidden fear based energy lingering around in their energy field. Of course, they are not aware of these things. They are normally closed off to the awareness of them in the form of “ignorance is bliss”, that is, until I come around. It’s kind of like what twin flames do to each other, just not nearly as severe.

Then there are the people with traditional belief systems that think I have bad vibes. And what I mean by traditional is believing that success comes from earning a least a bachelor’s degree, having a 9-5 job, a family and a “white picket fence” house. To me, that type of lifestyle was successful a decade ago.

The way in which technology has evolved today gives rise to the new entrepreneur lifestyle. There’s no “degree” to obtain as more and more people have evolved into self education (Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, etc.) there is no routine set schedule to work, marriage is not what it used to be and the housing market, in a way, has crashed. Many things have changed and I’ve picked up on those changes.

I am meant to be an entrepreneur now in the practical world. I am meant to help and heal people, but I don’t know just how or when things will pick up, take off and run “smoothly”. I just know I have to keep moving towards this and push through the many obstacles. That traditional 9-5 lifestyle that I used to live, that never resonated with me, is finally getting laid to rest. It’s not easy because starting points and transitions are never easy and because the best things in life don’t come easy.

I will still ride street bikes, go skydiving, take Ringo off-roading, lift heavy at the gym, laugh at memes, be sarcastic and all the other practical things in life that I’ve always resonated with. I’m just leaving the robot lifestyle I once had and stepping into what I’m truly meant to do during this lifetime as “work”.

So people will ask, “Well, how do you earn money now?” And the answer to that is: I don’t work traditionally anymore. I earn from Swagbucks and from my blog. It’s not much now but it will grow overtime with the amount of energy I put into it. Patience during progress is key.

The money I use to travel with is from a loan I took out because I was determined to spend summer with my daughter, Kal, and sometimes you just have to do whatever it takes to make it happen. Like I have mentioned in my affirmations post, when you use affirmations correctly, you’ll be surprised with what happens. I didn’t think I could get the funds to make this trip but guess what… I did.

So as a newfound healer, I’m excited to show people I’m not bad luck or have bad vibes, I’m merely just here to assist with the healing process of the ego. I’m also excited to learn more about about my abilities so I can help educate the people on consciousness evolution. This is so they will understand if they ever come across those “who am I” “why am I even here” “what is my purpose” thoughts. To me, those three thoughts are an indication that spiritual/energy awakening is happening within their consciousness.

Human consciousness is evolving more than ever, so I feel that more and more people are coming face to face with the pandora’s box of their ego. It’s the biggest battle a human can experience, so people will need all the information about it they can get.

If I can help people understand/prepare for their consciousness evolution process, then maybe it will help lessen the depression, anxiety and suicide that have become prevalent lately, due to lack of understanding. If I can help people understand what’s really going on, so they can go on to live a much better life, free from the junk energy their ego absorbed and held onto, then that is what I consider being successful. Cheers!

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