Don’t Worry, It’s Still There

Yesterday I drove about 520 miles from Ohio to Wisconsin. Yay!

During that time, my mind was brewing up all sorts of creative thoughts and ideas. I was so stoked about this that I could feel positive energy flowing through my body the entire 8 hour drive. It was awesome!

When I pulled up to the hotel for the night, I felt exhausted. The 8 hour drive was fun because traveling is fun, and because new places I experience cause the feel good neurotransmitters in my brain to start firing left and right. Unfortunately, hours upon hours of consistent high energy neuron activity can leave you energetically drained.

I really wanted to get to the room, open up my MacBook and start typing up all the really cool ideas and thoughts that came up during the day so I could share them. However, I decided that it would be better to just rest and recharge for the next day. My plans for this morning was to shower, grab some breakfast with my daughter, Kal, and then starting typing away with all the thoughts and ideas from yesterday. But nope, didn’t happen.

As I opened up to write about all them, I came to a blank. All those gold star thoughts and ideas just seemed to have vanished. I really did make a frowny face when I couldn’t remember all the cool shit my mind came up with yesterday. But then I realized it’s ok, I just need more time to recharge.

Right now, my energy is at a 50%. I’m still exhausted from yesterday’s 8 hour high brain activity, not to mention that I drove 1,000 miles in 2 days and dealt with crappy Chicago traffic. But it’s ok because I know those thoughts and ideas are still in my mind somewhere; they are energy and energy never vanishes, they are just hiding temporarily, outside of our conscious awareness. When it’s time, they will come out of hiding and boomerang back to me at some point. Hopefully, it’s when I have my MacBook open! If not, it’s ok, I’m open to whenever. But for now, more rest and watching Kal work on her YouTube channel, which I’ll share soon!

So if you ever experience the feeling of losing a gold star thought and/or idea, just know it’s still there swimming around in your mind, outside of your conscious awareness. You may think it disappeared forever, but I guarantee something will trigger it to come back out into your awareness. It could be from a commercial, a billboard, a conversation you overheard during lunchtime, a hot shower, etc. but don’t worry, it’s still there. Cheers!






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