My Experience With Swagbucks

Can you really consider Swagbucks to be an additional source of income or “side hustle”? Yep.

A couple of years ago, I signed up for a Swagbucks account because I heard you can make money from it. Back then, my understanding of making money from Swagbucks was completely different from how I understand it now.

I originally thought it was set up to earn the same as a “day job” and when that didn’t happen, I thought it was super lame and stopped using it. I picked it back up around the time I started this blog because I did remember making some cash from it when I started years ago. I kept logging into my Swagbucks account just about every day since I started this blog and I’m truly amazed with how much you can actually benefit from having an account. Now I understand why they have an “A” rating with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).

What you earn isn’t in the form of cash, but rather swagbucks. You can turn it into cash or gift cards. Your choice. And you don’t have to pay for the account as it’s free, just like you don’t have to pay for a job once you are hired.

All you have to do is put in the work like any other job. And what’s really cool is that you have the opportunity to save money, especially if you shop online a lot, and you have the opportunity to earn more money than your day job in the form of passive income if you’re really dedicated.

So what work do I put in?

  1. The Daily To Do List – I always knock this part out first. You get paid per task and bonus pay for completing it all. The payout is not a lot but it does add up.
  2. Daily Goals – I try to reach the daily goal (there’s 2) of how many swagbucks to get within a 24 hour period. Some days it’s easy, some days it’s difficult but there’s always a bonus when you reach both daily goals and another bonus if you are consistent in obtaining it every day.
  3. Trying out products/services – They offer several and they change a lot. I made $35 just for trying out Hulu (a competitor of Netflix). Weird, but super cool. All I did was sign up for a month of Hulu while logged into Swagbucks and I received $35. I paid $12 for a month subscription but because I’m traveling, I decided to put the account on hold instead of canceling it because I actually like Hulu. So I paid $12 and got $35. There’s one right now for $5 shave club where you make $35 just for trying it out like Hulu but I am traveling so I can’t try it out because I have no current mailing address. Boo
  4. Traveling – I book my hotel rooms online through a third party affiliated with Swagbucks because I get cash back when I do. But I have to be logged into Swagbucks first before booking the room. I was actually pretty annoyed with myself yesterday because I forgot to log into Swagbucks before booking the room I’m in now and so I lost the cash back.
    I also buy gift cards for restaurants I plan to go to during my travels like Panera Bread because not only do I pay for the gift card, I get cash back for it when buy it through Swagbucks.
  5. Referrals – This is where the big payout comes from and the passive income but you have to work for it. It has really benefited me so far and I want to share so read closely.Since Swagbucks is becoming more popular, it’s getting easier to earn because more people are using it. However, because it’s so popular, the referrals can be challenging as more people already have an open account. Why wouldn’t they? It’s free to sign up and offers so many benefits. Anytime you refer someone to sign up, not only do they get a sign up bonus, but you also get a bonus too per referral.

    In regards to passive income, anytime any of your referrals earn swagbucks you receive 10%. So if just one referral earns $50 in swagbucks, you automatically receive $5 without even doing anything. They earn $50, so you earn $5. And this is just one referral. Can you imagine having 50 referrals consistently earning Swagbucks just from shopping? Think about that.

So basically, my experience with Swagbucks has been awesome! It would seem as if this were a faulty pyramid scheme but it’s actually a legit way to save and earn money. If I wasn’t so sure about this business and what it has to offer, I wouldn’t dedicate a whole blog to writing about it.

Not only would I like to earn money from obtaining referrals, but I primarily want to share with people what Swagbucks has to offer. Sometimes I feel as if I could kick myself for not keeping up with it when I originally signed up but, I won’t kick myself, I’ll just make up for it by putting in double the work.

So if you would like to be a referral of mine, that would be super awesome and thank you!!!! Just click here to check them out! Cheers!


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