Some Changes I’ve Noticed About Myself…

…since my spiritual awakening process accelerated.

  1. I can no longer fall asleep with the television on.
    For most of my life, I’ve always fallen asleep easier with the background noise of the tv, regardless of what was showing. It was my preferred “white noise” because I had that filter to shut out the awareness of what was actually going on. I was able to watch Black Hawk Down (one of my favorite movies) on full blast in surround sound and still fall asleep because that movie is practically embedded into my memory. Now, it’s really difficult to sleep with it on because that “filter” is gone.I absorb the true nature of what’s showing without even watching it. Because I’m so open to energy, and my awareness has evolved, my mind will start absorbing noise rapidly according to what’s playing on tv and then start trying to decipher it’s true meaning. It can get intense and so I have to sit up to meditate in order to shut down that noise so I can go to sleep.
  2. I can no longer fall asleep in movie theaters.
    No surprise. I was notorious for falling asleep in movie theaters. I used to get teased a lot for being a lame movie date. Ha! If the movie wasn’t action packed with excitement and adrenaline driven scenes, I’d be sleeping within minutes. But now, I’m fully alert at all times. If I try to sleep, the noise from the movie and people eating their popcorn is enough to keep me awake.
  3. I can’t be in crowded areas.
    This never really bothered me before. I liked being in large crowds because I was an extrovert. I used to like going to malls and being in crowded bars. If a fight broke out in a bar, whatever, it never phased me, I’d still party like it was 1999. Now, I get overwhelmed. I nearly overwhelmed myself this morning while scoping out the breakfast area at my hotel while Kal was still sleeping. The breakfast area was super packed with people getting agro with each other so I had to leave. I absorbed all that crappy energy so quickly that I needed to go back to my room and calm the fuck down.
  4. Eating shitty makes me feel shitty.
    I used to be ok with eating donuts and all sorts of sugary processed crap. I also used to feel more than satisfied with eating bacon and juicy burgers. But now I really wonder why the hell I still eat this. I was a vegan 2 years ago for a short period of time and my primary reason for it was to see if I really could gain more energy. I did and the benefits were awesome but I missed the taste of bacon and burgers. Now I lean towards veganism once again because I literally feel gross after eating any kind of animal product. It’s not that I try to because I’ve always loved the taste of bacon, it’s just how I physically feel after I eat any of it now. I feel like shit. It’s the same way with all those processed foods. It’s as if I finally became aware of what kind of fuel my body and brain need to function in the most efficient way.
  5. I don’t get drunk easily.
    I used to be considered a light weight. My metabolism is fast and I used to get buzzed real quick off a few sips of wine. Now, I can drink a whole bottle of wine and function normally. This doesn’t mean I’m going to challenge that. It’s just something I’ve noticed and sometimes trip out about. The buzzed feeling I used to experience, is no more. Weird, right? Not really. When you are drunk, the critical faculty part of the mind, or filter, is brought down. This is why people have lowered inhibitions and alcohol is considered liquid courage. I pretty much don’t have a filter anymore so “liquid courage” doesn’t apply to me and my inhibitions are the same at all times.

So these are just some changes I’ve noticed about myself. I’m sure there’s more but these really stuck out for me. Sometimes I think, “Dang, look at me go!” I’m just trucking along on the spiritual evolution path that most people would think is worth noting into the DSM-5. But after reading the book, Becoming Supernatural by neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza, I have nothing to fret about but rather be excited about. Cheers to evolving!


5 thoughts on “Some Changes I’ve Noticed About Myself…

  • I am an unabashed carniviore. I love my meat. I currently only eat meat and vegetables. Processed foods is a mugs game. That’s the English in me. It can be interpreted as a fools errand. Going nowhere. But we all dance to our different appetites…….I do love my alcohol.

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  • After experiencing a higher stage of enlightenment many changes will occur. You were once blind but now you see. Changes will take place that are physically and spiritually. I think it’s called growing in the spirit. Things that once interested you becomes boring. You develop or rather gain a greater understand of deeper things that doesn’t require constant action to keep your attention. Some days you might find yourself longing for who you once were and decide that your ignorance was blissful in its own way. Because enlightenment cause you to look at the world as a whole not just your place in it.

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  • The beauty of awakening is that there are uncountable levels to further awake and what we considered to breaking the barrier will later turn out to have been one of the milestones upon we stepped to reach levels currently unfathomable to us.

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