I Manifested Massive Abundance

Wow….just WOW!

Welp, I’m back in Sedona, Arizona, my first energy home! And I am happily exhausted. What a trip! The past two months have gone by so quickly and I am still in shock with everything that has happened. I’ve cried several times during this trip because I was just overwhelmed with how things started to unfold for me. And as I type this, I’m a bit teary eyed.

I want to share this experience because if I can manifest massive abundance, so can you.

Two months ago, I was struggling.

I drove from San Jose, California to Sedona because I was tired of delivering for Amazon, I was tired of experiencing the shitty energy I had built up in my energy field (aura) overtime and I wanted to get over my biggest fear. I had a very strong intuitive feeling that if I drove straight to Sedona and just stayed there for several days, I could absorb the energy and ground myself, clear out the shitty energy, overcome my biggest fear become clear on how to get my shit together again and start moving towards it. And it fucking worked! I love Sedona!

Sedona has a very powerful affect on my energy, more than ever, now that I’ve awakened. I knew that if I spent several days around the area, I’d eventually start walking in the right direction.

I blogged about my biggest fear while I was in Sedona two months ago and I did something about it. And guess what? I just spent the best summer EVER overcoming my biggest fear, which was not being able to be a good parent and not being able to spend the summer with my daughter.

When I left Sedona, I really didn’t know what to expect but I just went with my heart. I spent a lot of time reciting the affirmation I created and blogged about as I started to do what I needed to do by taking action towards it.

To this day, I still recite my affirmation every day because it has become a habit. And every day, my affirmation still continues to show up in various ways, as long as I keep everything balanced by taking action in order to keep that energetic momentum going.

The confirmation I received from reciting my affirmation every day and what really got me all choked up was hearing the song, “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons the moment that I pulled into Sedona. No joke, I just couldn’t believe it! The timing couldn’t have been more perfect! But it wasn’t a coincidence. The energy that I created right before I left Sedona, boomeranged back into my awareness when I returned. I had actually forgotten about that song when I left my sister’s house in New York because that was the last time I heard it for the remainder of the road trip as it never played on the radio because I was perfectly ok with the affirmation on it’s own. Kal, even noticed when it played because I told her how much that song meant to me.

So yeah, I started to tear up as we strolled into Sedona because of the massive abundance I had experienced since I left at the beginning of June.

So what did Kal and I do during the two month road trip?

A lot!


visited the Wormsloe Historic Site and Tybee Island in Savannah, Georgia
visited the White House in Washington, D.C.
visited family we haven’t seen in 13 years
hiked in the Adirondack Mountains of New York
celebrated July 4th in Boston, Massachusetts
visited the Witch House in Salem, Massachusetts
visited Niagara Falls, New York
visited Kal’s father’s side of the family in Wisconsin she hasn’t seen in 3 years
visited the Mall of America in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota
visited the Badlands National Park in South Dakota
visited Crazy Horse and Mt. Rushmore in the Black Hills National Forest, South Dakota
drove through the Rio Grande National Forest
visited the Four Corners National Monument (second time for me this year)
visited the Grand Canyon
and now enjoying our last week together this summer in my energy home of Sedona, Arizona

There were so many more places that we visited that I just can’t remember right now but the most important thing was that I was able to experience many of the places with my daughter and ultimately bond with her the entire time! If this is not massive abundance, I don’t know what is! Cheers!

Photo: My daughter, Kal, in the Badlands National Park, South Dakota

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