Burning My Handwritten Journals

I love journaling and I’ve always loved it since I was a teenager. But in 2012 is when I started to partake in journaling more actively.

I’ve had hand written journals and electronic journals but I get the most out of handwritten ones. I no longer have any active “e-journals” because they just don’t benefit me in any way and there’s just something about handwriting in tangible journals that releases any negative energy I’m experiencing.

When I first started this blog, I had kept about 2 years worth of handwritten journals. I wanted to keep them so that I can read about them later on and learn from them. In fact, one of my very first blog posts was about the benefits of reading your own journals. Then, I just felt the need to burn them all towards the end of the year because the energy they contained were mostly negative not positive.

The process of burning several journals was quite a hassle for me because at the time, I was living in a fancy apartment with one of those fake fireplaces. I had no real access to fire unless I wanted to be stupid and go out to where the wildfires were, since there were quite a few in the SoCal area at the time. And also, it wasn’t very smart to start your own campfire anywhere during that time. So I started ripping up pieces of my journal and burned them in one of my fireproof pots on my balcony. It took forever!

While it took me days to burn them, I noticed that the last most recent journal I had was the most resistant to burn. I had just started the separation phase of my twin flame journey and I wrote a lot about it because that was the most intense experience I’ve had to date even though I only knew Josh for a few months and only saw him in person very few times when we started dating. I just couldn’t seem to burn that journal and so I just decided to throw the ripped up pieces away and add water to cause the pen ink to fade.

It may seem that watering down the words is really weird but I’ve come to realize just how much energy words contain when they are written. It just didn’t work out as well because water is not my element, but it does help fade. The journals I was able to burn did make a shit ton of a difference because I had been able to finally let go of whatever was written in them. Those journals were mostly about a nasty breakup I had with someone I was with for 3 years and the person he got involved with twice when we were together, which I now feel is his twin flame. Once I started to understand this based off what actually happened at the time that I was completely unaware of, I now have nothing but good vibes to send to both of them.

Right now, I have almost 3 written journals and they all contain about 90% of negative energy that no longer serves me in the present moment, including Josh because well, the twin flame journey is still the big challenge I face today. I don’t intend to go back and read about them like I would before because a lot of what I wrote was very destructive and because I’ve learned to let the past go and never look back. If I’m meant to learn about them again, they will come around.

These journals are all sitting in the storage part of the tail end of my Jeep and it has come to my awareness that they contain so much negativity that it’s just so difficult to destroy them. I just keep a selenite wand by them to pipe down their negative energy. But even though I keep a selenite wand near them, I still get reminded every so often of the energy they contain because I haven’t released it yet with fire, since I am a sun and rising Sagittarius and that is my element.

During my road trip, I’ve tried to find places to stay where I could find somewhere to burn my journals but I would either miss the opportunities somehow, the places were really expensive, I just never had time to get to the fire or it was just a very inappropriate place. I just thought it was so bizarre but of course negative energy will do what it needs to do to avoid getting the boot! I’m just hoping that since I’m in Sedona and plan to be here until after the full moon this Friday, that I will find a place to burn them. After all, the full moon is a time for healing and getting rid of shit you don’t need or no longer need in your life. But if it doesn’t happen then, it’s all good. It will happen at some point.

I’ve already taken the first step towards my massive abundance and I don’t intend to fall back to the lack based reality my subconscious was showing me before I left Sedona two months ago and that I journaled about.

I do intend to keep any future journals that mostly contain positive energy because what’s the point of burning those? You only get rid of the energy you don’t want in your life. And so I disagree with those who say you should burn the intentions you write during the new moon in order to release it into the Universe to manifest. I honestly think you should write and keep those intentions in it’s original form, but hide it and keep it to yourself at all times until it manifests, then tell people or do whatever you want with it. To me, that just makes sense intuitively.

I also intend to keep journaling about any negative energy I may still feel because journaling is one of the best ways to transfer the negative energy from our psyche onto something tangible. But I also intend to destroy them, of course.

Meditation is also a great way to zap the negative energy, which is actually the quickest and most powerful way to do so, but it does take some time to master and I still need more practice. But if you can meditate pretty well, there’s really no need to journal about anything negative right? You just journal about all the good shit and meditate to give the negative energy the boot, once and for all!

So what do you do with your handwritten journals?

Photo: The Eternal Flame in Orchard Park, New York. I came across this on the road trip. It was a nice little hike to get here but of course, is probably the most inappropriate place to even consider burning my journals. Haha


14 thoughts on “Burning My Handwritten Journals

  • I have handwritten journals, though I switched to e-journals some years ago. I felt the need to look things up that I’d forgotten about, so I’m supposedly indexing them. It might seem a waste of time, but the index helped me find something I was looking for… I was quite surprised!

    I get where you’re coming from with some of the old writings; you’ve made your peace with people and they’re no longer relevant. I found notes an ex-boyfriend had written to me, and destroyed them… not out of retrospective anger but because they just weren’t relevant any more.

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    • I do agree it’s good to keep the journals around to index them as I’ve wanted to do that myself but then I realized that most of what I wanted to try to look for ended up causing me to draw back in the energy I put in my journals. It did me no good so I told myself not to do it again. If I need to know something in particular, I feel it will come back fresh into my awareness without digging back into the ashes.

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  • I also forgot to add that i would definitely go back to my journals to find something I’m looking for if I felt the journal contained mostly positive energy. And I usually figure this out the moment I read a single random paragraph.

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  • Thanks for the inspiration Jen. I haven’t blogged for two months because I believe in taking advantage of Summer. It’s too short. I think I will do a short blog on my journaling experiences. It’s pouring with rain outside.

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    • Oh rain, how I don’t miss it right now. haha
      You are right, summer is too short and we should all take advantage of it. I haven’t been blogging much during the last two months because I’ve been busy too but also because I’ve forgotten a lot of the ideas that came to mind while I’m driving. Haha
      I’m interested in your journal experiences so I’ll check that out if you decide to post about it. 🙂


  • I do have handwritten journals written years ago, although intermittent. I have them for it makes me laugh at my naivety and simplicity then.

    Although burning and dumping old journals filled with negativity is a good idea; but preserving them could be good too. They can be reminders to be blessed about a good life now, may be.

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