Effective Ways To Bring in Abundant Energy Into Your Life

The more I learn about energy, and the more I play around with it to see what it does, the more I become very impressed.

Everything in this Universe vibrates on an energy grid. And just like a battery, in order for energy to work, it requires both positive and negative and must maintain a state of equilibrium.

The Universe is just full of equally both positive and negative energy. Every single energetic orb right down to its core, whether human, poison ivy, or a number 2 pencil is positive. However, we all live in a world of survival, which is our negative counterpart but is a must in order to exist because the way in which everything works must have its own opposite counterpart (yin and yang). So even though poison ivy is inherently positive, it’s a form of negative energy to the human condition in this Universe.

Anyways, because humans have evolved into survival mode, based off our ancestors, we generally absorb negative energy quicker than positive. Once you understand this, you can train yourself to stop allowing the negative energy to invade your energy field and instead absorb all the positive energy that is just floating around the one big energy grid we live in. You may not be able to visually see all the positive energy that is just floating around you, but trust me, it’s there trying to snap its fingers for your attention. You just have to be open and allow yourself to become aware of it without primarily using your 5 senses. Intuition is where it’s at.

Any kind of relief you experience is abundant energy. This means anything from paying the last bill you have to pay for the month to finally being able to pee when you’ve had to go for a while but I won’t blog into detail about those things.

So here’s a few things I’ve played around with that have been very effective.

If you’ve been following me, you know what this one means to me. This brought in more abundant energy than I asked for and what caused me to become aware of the positive energy floating around everywhere. I won’t get into detail with this as I’ve already written an entire blog post dedicated to it. You can read all about it here.

What I’ve noticed is that when I get rid of any receipts and I keep my wallet free of anything that makes me feel broke or worried, I make room for the Benjamins, Grants, Jacksons, etc. to come grace me with their presence because they like to party in life.

This doesn’t mean that I just clear out my wallet of negative energy and just wait for Benny and his friends, I get their attention by working for it by doing what I need to that isn’t going to make me feel like shit. And this is something I didn’t realize months ago. I worked a few jobs I deeply disliked just to earn Bennys attention. But then realized he left quicker than he arrived.

So keep your wallet clean, take action towards your dream job by doing what makes you happy (including your affirmations) and as weird as this may sound, smell your money! If you don’t have cash, at least take a $20 bill out of your account, smell it and put it in your wallet.

Health, especially in regards to fitness, has always been something I was a “natural” with when it came to balancing. I feel that many people struggle with their health because they worry too much about it, care too much about what others think and blame self control. But the way energy works is that the more you worry about something, the more you bring it in. And the less you are proactive in managing it, the more you lose balance.

Our body is comprised of trillions of cells and what’s really cool is that it has the ability to work together in order to heal itself in many ways by the power of the subconscious. Your heart beats and your cuts heal because your own intuitive intelligence knows exactly what to do. But the moment you start feeding your subconscious mind full of illusions, the trillions of cells start to follow suit.

I’ve had my fair share of health mishaps but I don’t allow that to completely knock me off balance. I work towards what I need to do to keep stabilized. Right now, with all the traveling I’ve been doing for the last two months, I haven’t gone to the gym and I haven’t eaten the most healthiest foods because I’ve been on the go. I’ve noticed what that’s done to me but I find ways to keep myself from going into the deep end by taking the time to go hiking and finding ways to eat less of what’s unhealthy and more of what is healthy.

So if you want to bring in abundant energy towards your health, feed your subconscious positive energy, be proactive physically and most important of all, watch what you physically feed your cells. You can elliptical the shit out your workout all day long but if you don’t watch what you eat, you’ll be going nowhere fast.

This could be both romantic and non romantic.

What I’ve learned is you can never change people, you can only change yourself. You also cannot manipulate the energy of people as everyone is entitled to free will. And trying to manipulate the free will of someone else is bad karma. The only way you will absorb the abundant energy of people is to start focusing on becoming the person you truly want to be, not what others want you to be. Once you do this, you’ll be amazed with who shows up in your life.

Relationships and friendships have always been a struggle for me (just like money) because many times, I didn’t know how to maintain balance. I relied too much on people because I cared too much about how people thought of me and I started to drift away from my authenticity. I practically changed for other people and that was a huge no-no. So basically, I slapped my own face and walked away. Then I realized I needed to treat my relationships the way I treat my health.

To bring in abundance when it comes to relationships, is really comes down to your self worth. When you really develop the Mark Manson’s “subtle art of not giving a fuck” mentality, which is a structure for deep meaningful values, you start to generate the magnetic affect on people you are meant to really give a fuck about.

The more I travel, the more my mind expands. The more my mind expands, the more abundance I welcome into my energy field.

Because of my affirmations, I was able to generate the ability to manifest a road trip with my daughter, Kal. I honestly had no idea how that was going to happen because sometimes doubt likes to rain on our parade. However, I just kept focusing on knowing that it would happen somehow and it did. It wasn’t luck, it was all about the energy I generated that attracted what I wanted to manifest.

Traveling has an awesome way to open up people’s awareness. When you travel, you start to experience different cultures, weather, geological formations, etc. This allows you to start understanding that there’s more to life than the environment you keep a daily routine in. Anytime you learn something new that’s cool, you attract abundance. And because there’s so many places to visit on Earth, imagine how much abundant energy you can attract into your energy field.

So travel, even if it’s in a town 30 miles away that you’ve never been to. Or just go gung ho towards Queenstown, New Zealand. Seriously, that place is off the hook! If I could legally live there, I would, but that land doesn’t belong to me, so I will just visit many times to watch rugby games, eat Fergburgers, partake in the adrenaline activities they offer and hang out with the locals.

So there you have it, a few effective ways I’ve experienced that brought in some of the infinite amount of abundant energy that just floats around all day long in the Universe. Cheers!

Photo: A few of the many ways I received abundant energy this summer.



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    • Yes, I can very much agree. I just blogged about my with my recent encounters on Facebook. I really do think social media is a great source of positivity but humans just have a natural way to turn positive energy into negative without realizing it.

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