A Girl I’ve Admired Since I Was A Kid

…and I still do to this day.

The other day on the way to Flagstaff, Arizona from the Rio Grande National Forest in Colorado, Kal and I came across a black horse all by its lonesome in a field we were passing by. Even though this horse was black instead of white, it somehow reminded me of one of my favorite movies growing up: Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken.

The moment I thought about that movie, I got super excited. I had come across this movie on my Hoopla account not too long ago. I wanted to watch it when I saw it was available but I ended up getting side tracked and forgot about it. Well once I remembered, I was determined to watch it when we got to our hotel room in Flagstaff. And I did…and then I cried.

If you haven’t seen this movie, it’s a Disney movie and it’s just awesome! I feel there’s just so much meaning involved in this movie that just makes me speechless and I get choked up every time I watch it.

Anyways the movie was released in 1991 and is a story about a girl name Sonora Webster who will stop at nothing to make her dreams come true in the entertainment business of Atlantic City during the Great Depression.

Sonora is a natural beauty who has a love of horses, is a free spirit and wants to experience life to its fullest but is portrayed by her aunt, teacher and classmates as nothing but a nuisance. Her aunt decides she’s “had enough” of Sonora and decides to hand her over to the state. But before she’s able to do so, Sonora runs away to respond to a local ad she saw earlier in the day that was looking for a girl who was interested in diving with horses and traveling.

The process Sonora goes through to become a diving girl is pretty tough as she deals with a lot of rejection, resistance and other obstacles that would make anyone in today’s era quit at the drop of a hat. However, she doesn’t budge; she keeps pushing through.

During the time Sonora pushes through the obstacles that stand in her way, romance starts to form between her and her trainer, Al, which is the son of Dr. Carver, the owner of the diving with horses act that shows at various county fairs. Even though the current diving girl, Marie, has the hots for Al and is far more experienced as a diving girl than Sonora, Al sees how independent, determined, authentic and headstrong Sonora is and pursues her, which is something I feel most men nowadays don’t care for.

Sonora does end up getting to Atlantic City to live out her dreams but the obstacles don’t stop there. She ends up dealing with a major obstacle the first day she performs and is left with a permanent disability that many would think to end her career. But nope, she remembered what a natural, independent and headstrong badass she was and knew what she had to do to keep the show rollin, and she did it.

Bravo girl, bravo!

So yes, I absolutely admire Sonora’s personality. She’s a free spirited go getter that stops at nothing to get what she wants in life. And when I watched it the other night, I realized how much I’ve strayed away from that type of mindset various times in my life because it’s so easy to become lazy and get trapped into feeling entitled and victimized nowadays. So anytime I come to a point where I just feel like I should give up on something I really want to do, I will have to remember Sonora.

And if you’ve never seen this movie, hop to it because it not only shows how Sonora achieves her dream, it shows how others have been able to do the same. It’s just a feel good movie to get all teary eyed with and get you all pumped up to start getting the most out of life. After all, we do live in an era where we have a much better chance at pursuing our dreams than those who lived during the Great Depression.

Photo: Sonora in Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken via Odyssey


13 thoughts on “A Girl I’ve Admired Since I Was A Kid

  • “it’s so easy to become lazy and get trapped into feeling entitled and victimized nowadays. “. Right on the money. I see it so much these days, and I see it in myself as well at times. We can be bitter about our struggles, or we can show a little steel like Sonora.

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  • “Al sees how independent, determined, authentic and headstrong Sonora is and pursues her, which is something I feel most men nowadays don’t care for.”

    That’s such a sad thought, but I can’t say you’re wrong, Jen. I was raised by a single-parent, the very strong and successful CEO of a small business. She had a ton of virtues such as most people cannot imagine in one person. Hence, I not only grew up loving a strong, authentic woman, but I naturally thought most men would prefer such women to their opposites.

    Today, I think that maybe — as more and more women rise up in the workforce — the children they raise will come to see and accept strength of character in women as highly to be desired.

    As for straying from you ideals, you’re on the right track when you instinctively make no excuses for yourself.

    Good post. Thanks for that.

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    • The main reason I mentioned that part was not only because of the wholesome and desirable traits that Sonora possess, but because I feel most men pay more attention to the outer appearances of women more than what their personalities entail. I don’t even have to explain why this is true do to the increase popularity of plastic surgery and the rise of anxiety due to lack of self worth.
      In the movie, Sonora starts to change her appearance, thinking that maybe it would improve her self worth based on Marie, who is completely oblivious to what real beauty is. Al knows the true value of Sonora without all that shitty makeup and such that covers it up. And for that, Al’s a good dude and someone I’d definitely take interest in.


      • One of my passions in life, Jen, is exploring what it means to be true to oneself. Closely related to that, is exploring why so many of us are not as true to ourselves as we could be. Perhaps you can imagine then how much it concerns me that so many young women — young women especially — seem to lose themselves. To me is nearly as concerning as would be an epidemic.

        While I believe men are probably a bit programed by evolution to pay more attention to a woman’s looks than to other aspects of her, I think that’s only at first. Looks are the icing, the appearances that make the cake look delicious.

        What has sadly happened today, however, is that our culture has turn so far towards the physical beauty of women that we have created generations of younger women who have been trained to see their own worth as little more than the value of their looks to others. And that frightens me.

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      • Yes! Exactly! I agree with you 100%! And that’s why I find most men who do stay programmed to physical appearances to be unattractive. This is mostly American men, or rather the California men I’ve been surrounded by most of my life. I don’t care how much they can benchpress, what kind of monetary wealth they have or genetic lottery they won, you can’t take any of that with you when you die as a human.

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      • Also, as for women, it really is sad to see how their self worth is measured by illusions. I’ve had to deal with unaware women like this in the workplace It was always such a problem because it was consistent competition of who could get the most attention from the military men we worked with and I fell into this competitiveness trap a few times, which was a reason I had to leave the industry I worked in.

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  • Fascinating! I’d say we’re in a great deal of agreement here. By the way, our conversation has inspired me to write up a post on the objectification of young women. I’ll be posting it tomorrow — with a link back to this post. You probably won’t get more than a handful of people from it, though.

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