A Spiritual Message

I was thinking earlier about how challenging it still is for me to converse with people who do not understand yet about how spirituality/energy works. People ask me about why I’m not the same Jen I used to be and why I’ve become so isolated from everyone in the skydiving industry that I’ve been around for 5 years.

No matter what I say or try to explain to people what I’ve learned and why I left, they think I’ve completely lost my shit and have become lame and boring. I try not to involve spirituality much when I do speak to unawakened people but because I’ve become much more aware of our existence, it’s quite difficult because I can never go back to being “asleep”.

I knew the only way for people to actually pay attention to me is if I started name dropping celebrities that I vibrate on the same wavelength with. I’ve already done so with Eckhart Tolle. And it amazes me how much people paid attention to that post. So here’s another one by Jim Carrey. I came across this video today and I literally teared up because everything he mentions in this video is exactly what I’ve been trying to explain to people. I don’t know why I’ve never seen this video before but I guess it was because I was meant to see it today. So enjoy!


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