Illusions Here, Illusions There, Illusions Everywhere!

I opened up a can of worms the other day. I reactivated my Facebook account.

I reactivated the account so that I could upload all the pictures of Kal on her Facebook so that family could view, instead of me having to send them all individually over text. But in order for them all to view, I have to keep my account active.

So because I reactivated my account, I ended up getting in touch with some pretty legit people again but also got curious and started to view the feed, which was a mistake.

Viewing the feed brought up all sorts of annoyance and reminded me of why I decided to deactivate the account. I think Facebook is great for business as a way of marketing and I also think Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with people, which is the primary reason for its existence. However, the big problem, I can’t help but notice, is how people abuse it by using it for all the wrong reasons.

I know that many people try to hide their insecurities on Facebook by trying to trick people into thinking they are living the glamorous lifestyle while airing out their dirty laundry at the same time. I feel really bad for them because I can see past the bullshit and I don’t like to think of them in that way. And I also see the political remarks turn personal attacks. This made me shake my head because I feel many Americans completely misunderstand the First Amendment of the Constitution but because I understand this, I just keep my opinions to myself.

Anyways, I thought maybe I could help out a bit with something uplifting and I also wanted to see if maybe I could start sharing some of my ideas with everyone on Facebook that I share on my blog, but that didn’t turn out to be a good idea.

I realized that most of the people I actually know on Facebook seem like complete strangers to me now. We just don’t click because many of them do not like reading anything other than Twitter/Facebook posts, many of them are not spiritual and many of them are stuck in their narcissistic ego. I shared the same post about What Kind of Friends Do You Keep Around? on my feed the same time I shared it on WordPress and I cannot tell you how awful I started to feel 10 minutes after posting in on Facebook.

I felt completely fine and happy when I posted it on WordPress but when I posted it on Facebook, I felt a sense of intense insecurity. It’s as if I could feel the people I know on Facebook questioning with annoyance of why I reactivated my account to post about the philosophy of friends because they don’t give a shit about anything like that, they only want to see people lose at life. I really couldn’t believe I thought this way. And so once this thought popped up, all sorts of negative thoughts started to show up into my awareness and I started to feel anxiety rear its ugly head. I was not happy.

I hadn’t felt this bad for a long time but because I had worked so hard to change my mindset the last 2 months to go in the right direction, I was able to stop those neurons from firing with another for too long. I shut that shit down quick. I really had to stop all the illusions from forcing its way back into my psyche by remembering how well I’ve been doing these last two months. It took me about an hour to do this because the moment that I reactivated my account, all the negative energy started to pick up momentum.

So during this hour, I started working on my side hustles because Kal was taking a nap, I really do find them to keep me busy and they keep me moving in the right direction, . I was able to fully emerge in them to a point where all the illusions that tried to stiff arm me off balance started to fade away. I started regaining my ability to not give a fuck, go back to focusing on what truly matters and stay in the present moment.

Once I was able to get my head on straight again, I started to think about how much I appreciate all the bloggers I’ve come across on WordPress. I really do feel more at home with the blogging community than with the people I know on Facebook. I do love to write and I do love to share my thoughts with people and it’s the blogging community who accepts this and actually gives a shit. So thank you to all of my followers, you guys are beyond awesome! Cheers! ❤


8 thoughts on “Illusions Here, Illusions There, Illusions Everywhere!

    • Yeah, I’ve experienced that many times in the past. I probably would’ve felt better if no one did respond. But I received some messages from various people on messenger asking me why I posted the “manifesto”, if I’m ok, why I don’t skydive anymore, where have I been, am I a hermit, am I religious now, etc. I thought, good grief, why did I even bother posting it. But fortunately there were some legit friends who reached out because they understand.

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    • Facebook is really a great source of energy as its main purpose is to connect everyone more efficiently. But it’s just unfortunate that many people trash it the same way they trash the Earth by littering. WordPress is a much happier place and I feel that is because the more evolved still understand how important it is to read more than a Twitter post.

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  • Ditto for Twitter which I previously shared. The trouble is when I see someone Tweet a nasty comment about someone I follow and admire I can’t help lashing back. Which doesn’t really make me feel better or help the conversation. It’s a slippery slope.

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