Reblogging Is Cool!

Honestly, I should be doing this more often.

There’s a lot of really great information out there that I’ve come across that I feel should be shared with those who haven’t yet been connected with the goods. And there’s a lot of information that people may be looking for but haven’t been able to find, that is until they see a reblog posted.

Reblogging is a great way to share because it comes from the original source and it also helps to pull in the readers they deserve but haven’t yet acquired.

Many of my posts have been reblogged and I thought it was a really awesome way of saying thanks and I appreciated them very much.  But what I didn’t know was just how much reblogs really lend a helping hand.

There’s this misconception of reblogging as it seems many people feel they will lose their readers to someone else or that reblogging is a lazy way to post for the day. No way! That kind of thinking is fear based and garbage because there’s so many ideas to share as everyone has their own way of generating ideas.

If you can’t generate any of your own posts for a day or two or even a week, but instead reblog, you are still helping others who may not have access to them as well as helping the authors.

So really, if you find that you don’t have much to write about on some days, or you come across something super cool and want to share, reblog. You are helping to spread ideas! And not only that, whatever kind of energy you send out will always come right back to you! So when you find ways to thank people, there will always be others to come around and thank you as well! Cheers!


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