What Makes A Great Teacher?

To me, a great teacher is one who loves to learn but doesn’t primarily focus on trying to teach. The teaching just comes naturally.

I feel this way because from all of the teachers, whether grade school teachers, professors, instructors, etc. that I’ve had, the ones I learned from the most, were the ones who were always open to learning from their students while they expressed everything that they’ve already learned or experienced.

When you are open to learning, you have more of an impact on your students because you don’t set yourself apart from them in an arrogant way, you join them.

Just because you are a teacher or professor, doesn’t mean you know everything about whatever it is that you teach and then operate on a level that makes you feel as if your IQ is top dog. That is complete arrogance but not only that, it’s ignorant as well. There’s always something new to learn about anything and just because something is considered “fact” doesn’t mean that it could never get thrown right back into the scientific method process again. We just accept things in life as fact until proven otherwise.

I love philosophy and I really feel it is advanced English but what I feel is really interesting is how most philosophy connoisseurs, for lack of a better word, represent themselves in very arrogant ways with big words and long theories to where a majority of people would not understand. I feel it gives them a sense of pride and accomplishment because they can throw together a bunch of words to sound “exemplar”. If they were really “exemplar”, and actually wanted to get their theories understood correctly, they’d find a way to be practical and explain it without needing to sound “exemplar”.

So basically, in my opinion, a great teacher is a teacher who knows they don’t know everything and a not so great teacher is a teacher who thinks they know everything.

I definitely don’t know everything and there are many aspects of life I could probably get some major tutoring in. But I also know that there are many things that I’ve learned in life that I could “teach” others. However, I really don’t consider myself as a teacher or even a writer, I’m more of a sharer of experiences and ideas. Cheers!

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