When Song Lyrics Speak To You

Pay attention. Pay very close attention, especially when you hear the same song repetitively without trying to play it yourself.

I’ve been wanting to write about this since I was up in the Adirondacks of New York last month after I had just received a new follower: My Stories with Music.

I thought it was just so bizarre how I had just been thinking about the lyrics to a song that reminds me of my twin flame, Josh, and then wrote about him in my blog on why I’m single. My Stories with Music just so happened to come across that post not too long after I posted it and then commented.

The reason why I didn’t blog about it at the time was because I got a little busy and anytime I did have time to blog, I was just too exhausted from what I was doing. I ultimately forgot many times but also remembered many times during the road trip. But today, I finally remembered and I’m not exhausted. Also, if I had blogged about it then, I wouldn’t have been able to post what I came across recently. So it was meant to be posted today.

So when I was a little kid in the 80’s, I listened to music a lot because my mom was a huge fan of listening to music and collecting records. One of her favorite artists was Prince and the Revolution. I remember listening to the records a lot when my mom wasn’t around and there was one song in particular I liked. It was called “Darling Nikki”. I listened to this song a lot not really paying attention to the meaning of the lyrics because I was just a kid. I thought the song sounded cool and so I pretty much remembered the lyrics. Of course my mom was not happy about that when she caught me singing along of course, and told me what that song was about. But to this day I still listen to it and I still remember every single word to that song, although I never became a Nikki or intend to because my mom told me not to. Thanks Mom!

From that point until the time Incubus released their album, Make Yourself, in the late 90’s, I never paid attention to lyrics. I remembered song lyrics from random songs and sang along but never paid much attention to their meaning.

Even though I did pay attention to the songs from Make Yourself, I couldn’t really fully understand them when I tried. They resonated with me for some reason but none of it made real sense to me and it drove me nuts. It was only until I went through my own spiritual awakening process, is when it all made sense as that album is mostly about the experiences of being awake and the song “Pardon Me” is about the lead singer’s awakening experience in his earlier 20’s. To this day, that album is one of my favorites, with the other being the soundtrack to Top Gun. 

So from that point of Make Yourself until earlier last year is when I stopped paying attention again. The moment I started paying attention to song lyrics was when I came back from Sedona the first time in February 2017.

The song, “Walking On A Dream” by Empire of the Sun came up a lot randomly when I returned back to work from my short trip to Sedona. I sang along with it so much wondering who the other person I was meant to become one with, not realizing he (Josh) was there being sneaky and hovering over me a lot while I worked and sang that song with my headphones on. I never heard that song much after that. However, I later heard another song while taking Josh to the airport after he had visited me from Canada a few months later called “Stay” by Zedd/Alessia Cara. I was really surprised that he knew the lyrics and actually sang along to that song because it wasn’t like him to sing anything out loud. And it was that song that he sang that now reminds me of him when I hear it. And it seems to play a lot, every single time I end up forgetting about him as if I’m never meant to. But I’m used to it now.

The other times I’ve heard songs that I feel I need to pay real close attention to are the ones I hear on repeat on certain days or times, regardless of what radio station I’m listening to or where I’m located at. And so far this year, I’ve heard six:

“Wind of Change” by The Scorpions

“Here I Go Again On My Own” by Whitesnake
“Twilight Zone” by Golden Earring 
“Meant To Be” by Bebe Rexha/Florida Georgia Line
“Havana” by Camilo Cabello
and of course, “Whatever It Takes” by Imagine Dragons

“Wind of Change” played for the first time, late at night, right before I drove up to San Fransisco the first time earlier this year and then heard it again the second time I drove up to San Fransisco. It then played several times during my road trip. The meaning of the song is an obvious one as there were changes coming my way. And even though it’s a rock song, it reminds me of “Stay” by Zedd/Alessia Cara as the phrase “wind of change” is in the beginning of the song.

“Here I Go Again On My Own” played a lot while I was up in San Jose living in my Jeep and only played two or three times on the road trip when I went to pick up Kal in Florida. I teared up when I heard this song play various times in San Jose because I was quite confused about what direction I needed to take in life but I was determined to figure it out and do it alone.

“Twilight Zone” played so much during my journey to the Four Corners earlier this year and I know exactly why that played during the trip because I pretty much experienced a few aspects of that song both during my trip and after I returned to my sister’s house. I really couldn’t believe how much that song played during that time. And I only heard it once during the road trip.

“Meant To Be” has played so much on this road trip that I almost feel that it just plays a lot for everyone. But I pay attention because Kal always brings this song to my awareness and sings along with it. However, I do notice it will usually play the moment I start to become a bit doubtful of something during the road trip, whether it has to do with the road trip, or how my life will keep unfolding once I return to California and fly Kal back to Florida.

“Havana” is sang as “Savannah” by Kal and I because it played a lot when we were in Savannah, Georgia. And it has played a lot during the road trip. I do feel there was something special in Savannah that I just can’t quite figure out, and I don’t understand the “half of my heart” part just yet, so that mystery may reveal itself at some point. But for now, it’s still a mystery.

And last but not least, “Whatever It Takes” played a lot the moment I came up with my affirmation 2 months ago in Sedona and has played several times during the road trip, up until Kal and I visited New York. It didn’t play whatsoever once we left New York, that was until the moment that we arrived in Sedona! This one really blew me away when it played the moment we entered Sedona, seeing the “Welcome to Sedona” sign and all because I had just manifested everything I had been wanting to do this year and was willing to do “whatever it takes”. I was able to get away from Cali for awhile, change perspectives, travel, live in hotels, spend the summer with my daughter, visit family and blog about my experiences. This song was the one that meant the most to me out of all and I can’t help but pay attention to it whenever I hear it.

So if there’s a song that keeps playing, seriously pay attention to the lyrics as it really does try speaking to you.

Photo: Kal and I up at my sister’s cabin this summer. We listened to a lot of music with my sister while we were visiting.


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