Wrapping Up the End of A Vicious Cycle

I woke up this morning around 5:30 and started crying, quietly.

It’s funny because prior to a year ago, I never really cried much. But then again, I was still “asleep” and wasn’t aware of all the energy I had been absorbing every day, especially as an empath. I also didn’t understand the true nature of crying and thought it was a sign of weakness.

In the past, anytime I would cry, I’d just sulk and swim around the energy that was trying to leave. Unfortunately, doing that just causes the energy to stay bottled in our subconscious and becomes stronger. This has an affect on our aura, or energy field, because our aura is a representation of what’s going on inside. It acts as a magnet to all the other energy that is in alignment. So, whatever you decide to keep within your subconscious, is what you attract. And this is especially why Nikola Tesla lived the way he did. So now, I cry so I can release whatever doesn’t belong and then peace out from it so I can welcome in all the sweet loving energy. And let me tell you, it works like a charm. Heyo!

Now that I’m back in Sedona, the tears are flooding out and I love this! But even though Sedona, itself, is one big energy vortex, there’s one specific vortex area that I’ve come across that really forces the nasty energy out of me and it’s Bell Rock.

Kal and I stayed in the area of town I usually stay at for the first few nights, Sedona Summit Resort, which is also in the area I’ve camped out in my Jeep several nights as well. This area of town makes me feel super relaxed and is the area I wrote my last few blogs and watched Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, again. It’s also the furthest from Bell Rock, in regards to the entire span of Sedona. But because I was compelled to stay near Bell Rock as much as possible, I decided for the last two nights that we have left in Sedona, that Kal and I would stay in a hotel right by Bell Rock and see what happens. And well, I woke up crying this morning about a lot of things in the past that I had consciously forgotten about during my road trip, including my twin flame.

When I cried this morning, I felt that the moment from now until tomorrow night is the time to purge my subconscious like hell because it’s the full moon, and I’ve been super sensitive to moon energy since my awakening accelerated. Also, according to AccuWeather.com, it’s a lunar eclipse and the longest blood moon visible this century, until 2123! Oy vey!

So I really feel that tomorrow night is going to be the night to wrap up this incredibly vicious cycle of the accelerated awakening I’ve done in the last year and a half, which started the moment my twin flame, Josh, and I met. I wish that dude all the best in life because he opened my awareness tenfold without even doing anything but just being in my physical presence and that’s it. No one but him has been able to do that to me.

I plan to end this vicious year and a half cycle under the full moon in my hometown of Twentynine Palms, California. I was born in San Diego, California but spent most of my time growing up in Twentynine Palms, California because my dad was stationed there in the Marine Corps. Joshua Tree National Park resides in part of this town as well, which is super cool but an area I didn’t care much about growing up.

Originally I was planning to stay in Sedona for the night of the full moon because I planned for Kal to fly back to Florida from Phoenix the next day but when I went to purchase plane tickets, the price became ridiculously high all of a sudden. I intuitively thought to check Los Angeles because sometimes plane tickets can get pretty cheap there and I can only get nonstop flights because Kal is an “unaccompanied minor”. And what do you know, I came across a cheap flight and guess what time it departs? 11:11am.

I feel this was the Universe (my higher self) telling me that I should go to my hometown for the full moon and that Kal should stay an extra day before leaving for Florida as a way to start off the new cycle. She has to leave soon because school starts next week for her and she’ll be a freshman in high school!

So as I wrap up this vicious cycle, I’ve come to understand how much I’ve learned about myself and how energy works only because I experienced them in a very dark place many times. But that has to happen because of equilibrium. You can’t just go through the awakening process without experiencing the pain of it just like how you can’t get into great physical shape without enduring the pain of that process either. Everything in the Universe is a balanced give and take and this past year and a half was the very painful part of giving away all the shit I took in most of my life. And I’m glad I was able to stick through it, even though I just knew there was no other way out of it. So now I’m about to start a new cycle of taking in what makes my soul feel like a badass and I’m excited about it! But I also know there will be rocky roads along the way but I like to think I’m “trail rated” and not because I own a Jeep Wrangler! Well maybe. Cheers!

Photo: Bell Rock in Sedona, Arizona.



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