Tonight Is The Night!

I just arrived in my hometown of Twentynine Palms, California. Woot woot! And I’m so happy to be here! I was able to grab a room at the 29 Palms Inn and it has everything I need for tonight’s once in a century appearance!

Tonight is the full moon and it’s not just an ordinary full moon, it’s a blood moon and it’s the longest total lunar eclipse of the century! Yeah buddy! This one is definitely a rare fella.

I had mentioned in my post about Burning My Handwritten Journals that I wanted to burn all of my journals at some point during my road trip but couldn’t. Well the room I’m staying in has a fireplace! It also has a private patio, which is perfect to lounge outside tonight so I can star gaze and soak in all the beneficial cleansing energy that the full moon provides in the same way the Sun provides it’s own benefit in helping our body produce vitamin D. The only difference is that you can never get too much Moon. Also, the energy it provides only comes around once a month (or twice if it’s a blue moon) or in this case, once in a century.

Right now it’s cooking outside. The temperature is 117 degrees Fahrenheit but it’s dry heat so not as bad as 80 degrees with humidity. I plan to hang out on the patio most of the night to chill out with the moon and stars. It’s going to be off the hook! I’m excited! So if the sky is clear where you’re at, be sure to check out the full blood moon tonight and absorb that once in a century energy! Cheers!

Photo: After two months of trying to find a place to burn my journals, I finally found the perfect spot! And it came at the perfect time!


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