Receiving Physical Confirmation

This morning, I woke up to a surprise. A room full of ants.

Most people would consider this to be something disturbing and unfortunate, but that’s only if you view it that way, which is the 3D way of thinking. At first, I went back to my 3D way of thinking and then boom, I redirected back to 5D by realizing that this was physical confirmation that the vicious cycle I went through has finally come to an end! If you don’t know what the difference is between 3D and 5D, I blogged about it here.

The last time I saw a shit ton of ants was last year, in my Jeep, on the morning after my twin flame and I completely cut ties with one another and on the day I had cut ties with the contractor I blogged about the other day in Choosing Your Battles. The day I saw the ants in my Jeep is when my life really started to fall apart and I started to experience the dark night of the soul.

I didn’t know much about spirituality/energy then or why things happened the way they did, and I freaked out because I could not logically explain why all these shitty things were happening to me. The ants really threw me off because I just couldn’t figure out how or why they got into my Jeep and how they just all of a sudden vanished the next day! But now I know. And I’m not joking about this either.

Another physical confirmation I received was becoming aware of the artwork that is hanging above the fireplace I used last night to burn my journals. I did not notice the contents within the artwork until this morning. Once I looked at it, I just thought, “Wow, you gotta be kidding me!” And then I laughed. Many aspects of the artwork represented the reason why I was burning the journals. Too cool!

So I didn’t sleep much last night and quite honestly I didn’t expect to because a lot of energetic shifts were happening during the lunar eclipse and I just allowed the Moon to do it’s thing with my energy. I did hang out outside for a bit, although it was in the 90’s still but decided to try to get some sleep inside with the air conditioning.

I did wake up a bit irritated this morning but not from the ants. I just felt different. The mood I felt was the same as when I’d come home after having a bad day at work. It was weird, but then once I saw the ants and figured out what they meant, my mood switched and now I’m back to feeling good again!

Now we shall see how things work out for me. Anything can happen and I’m aware of that, so I’m not expecting everything to go right all the time, because if it did go right all of the time, my life would not be balanced. And I aim to balance.

So I’m wondering now if anyone else has experienced physical confirmation of a beginning and end to a cycle of something in their life. If you have, let me know. I’m really interested in other stories about this.

Photo: The artwork hanging above the fireplace I used to burn my journals. I had to take this photo at an angle to prevent the massive glare. My journals mostly consisted of negative energy and my experiences with the dark night of the soul. When I first learned about the dark night of the soul last year, I actually pictured it as a dark devil-like looking knight on a horse because for a while I thought it was called dark knight of the soul, not dark night of the soul. And so this artwork captures everything I was burning away in the fireplace below. Pretty cool, eh?

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