A New Beginning

The new and fresh blank canvas of a life cycle has begun for me. I’m in Morro Bay, California.

Yesterday morning, I took Kal to the LAX airport to fly back to Florida. The moment that her flight took off at 11:11am marked the end of a very spiritual evolving cycle. It was a tough cycle but ended nicely only because I listened to my intuition.

I’m in Morro Bay on my way up to Vancouver, Canada. I have no idea why I want to go there but it was the same intuitive nudge that I received before Jeeping off to Sedona, Mt. Shasta, the Four Cornes and Florida this year.

The last two months were beyond awesome! I received the massive abundance that I had kept reciting to myself everyday. I actually thought the massive abundance was just what I had experienced in regards to spending the summer with Kal, visiting family and places we’ve never been to, but I also realized I received things in the process right under my conscious awareness that I had asked for a while ago but had completely forgotten about. I really wanted to live in different hotel rooms, rewire my brain and keep getting pushed out of my comfort zone. This whole 8,000 mile road trip did just that.

Even though I traveled 8,000 miles in my Jeep in about two months, I’m not exhausted, I want more! And so I am going to keep on traveling and living life outside of my comfort zone when my heart calls for it, which has been the main theme of my life in the last couple of months. Of course, I’m going to stay practical too, even though the line that separates spirituality from practicality can be very tough at times. But it’s always good to know when to switch leadership roles between the heart and brain.

The whole 8,000 mile road trip was one big meditation session when I drove. I didn’t realize it during the time but as I drove up to Morrow Bay from Los Angeles, that’s when it hit me. Then I started to wonder if my road trip to Vancouver was going to be a long enough trip because I may want to keep going north or somewhere else after that. But it doesn’t matter right now because it’s all about where I am in the present moment. I’ll get to Vancouver at some point, but it doesn’t matter when.

Right now, time doesn’t really exist for me. I don’t have a routine job to go to or a set schedule for anything in my life, which is once again another wish I asked for several months ago and have recently received. I work my ass off on various “side hustles” as my main source of income because I really want to keep living this lifestyle and that’s what the Universe presented to me right before I started the road trip with Kal. Of course, I ignored them at first, thinking it was all a scam but because I’m determined to keep this lifestyle going and because I’m determined to pay back what was offered to me for this road trip, I started paying a lot of attention to them. If you’re just curious to what I do, you can check out my side hustles page here, there’s a lot to add to it, but I’ll get to it at some point.

I’m more practical now about matters of working and I put my brain in charge of that. This is because I know money is the energy that allows me to experience life in the way I want and just wishing for it by saying affirmations without taking any kind of action towards it is lazy. Everything is energy and when you are lazy, what kind of energy do you expect to receive from that? The more you “work” towards what you want, the more you get back.

So yes, I take action with the “side hustles”. It’s a lot of work but I started stepping up my game with it more right before my road trip and was actually rewarded with more money to take the trip because I also added the spiritual work of reciting my affirmations daily.

I’m still determined to keep doing them all so I can keep doing what I’m doing now, which is definitely feeding my soul. I’d rather do what I’m doing for work now than to go back to how I worked for money before, with the exception of working with the skydiving contractor I mentioned my post about choosing your battles. That was a pretty legit source of income.

So now I’m about to hop in the shower in this really cute room at Pleasant Inn in Morro Boy and get ready for the day of exploring. Cheers!


Photo: Started my new cycle with a new journal to write about my upcoming adventures, working and blogging from my MacBook and leaving a note in Pleasant Inn’s room #7 guestbook.

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