I’m In Canada!


…and I’m staying at the exact hotel I last saw my twin flame in person exactly one year ago. It’s weird, very weird. I’m here and he’s not.

I’ve experienced a lot of my past in the last 2 months. Really, it’s crazy, very weird and very surreal. I honestly didn’t think I would revisit a massive amount of past experiences within just 2 months.

I just spent a few days with a good friend of mine in Big Sur and Monterey, California. He was actually the person who took the picture of me on the swing above the clouds that is posted on my website. That picture was taken 2.5 years ago, which was the last time I was in Big Sur. I also went back to revisit Mt. Shasta on the way up here, even though I was just there 2 months ago.

But anyways, I haven’t been on my computer much for almost a week and need to play catch up with various fun adulting stuff. I’m also a bit overwhelmed with how I feel being in this hotel, and so I can’t really blog much but I figure I’d just get on, read other blogs and post a joke I heard yesterday that made me laugh. So enjoy!

A Zen Master and one of his students were having a conversation.

The student asked the Zen Master, “What is the secret to happiness?”
The Zen Master replied, “Never argue with idiots.”
The student replied, “I don’t believe that to be true.”
The Zen Master replied, “You’re right.”




5 thoughts on “I’m In Canada!

    • Yeah I thought the same thing. I have done so well on not dwelling about it this past year but the more I try to ignore the connection, the more it blows up in my face at random times. I just allow it now and it did lure me here to this location.

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