Go with the Flow

Let your internal GPS lead the way!

I made it to Vancouver, Canada! It’s beautiful here but like any large city, it’s busy!

I had no idea where to go but I wanted to explore and so I just googled: places to visit in Vancouver. The first thing that popped up was Stanley Park, so I entered that into the GPS on my phone and headed that way.

Once I arrived, I became overwhelmed by the amount of traffic and people surrounding the area. Also, trying to find a parking spot became an annoying task. I decided to leave and find another spot that may have less traffic. I entered Ambleside Park into my phone’s GPS and drove over the Lions Gate Bridge to get there.

Once I arrived there, same thing. There was some kind of festivity going on and the traffic and parking were overwhelming too, so I left.

I thought to myself, “Maybe I should just head back down to the states now.” I didn’t even want to enter anything else in my GPS.

As I started driving back to the Lions Gate Bridge, I came across The Village at Park Royal. It peaked my interest and so I decided to head into there to see what was going on. And boom, just as I pulled in, a car was leaving.

I parked right in front of a cafe called Caffe Artigiano and decided to check it out. It was a perfect place to visit! It’s not busy, the environment is super relaxing, the Spanish Latte was awesome and it was the perfect place to do some people watching, chill out and type up this post on my phone!

So I figure, from now on, when I want to explore in a new area without plans, I’ll put the phone down and just follow my internal GPS instead. Cheers!

Photo: Spanish Latte at Caffe Artigiano located in West Vancouver, Canada


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