Learning How to Walk in Life

Babies are go getters.

Ever notice that when a baby is ready to walk, they will usually try to find ways to stand up and walk? And even when they fall several times, they just keep trying to stand up so they can walk? That’s called willpower.

I feel most adults, including myself, have learned to block ourselves from this willpower over years of “things not always going our way”. We stop attempting to do things in life that we want to do out of fear from past experiences.

Could you imagine if babies had the same type of excuses we make as adults for not making shit happen? Could you imagine if babies fell just once while attempting to walk and then just sat there thinking, “This walking business is hard. I don’t like falling. Maybe I should just keep crawling for the rest of my life.” But they don’t. They keep getting up and they keep trying. And guess what? They eventually learn to walk. And when they walk, they go places. Sitting around wouldn’t get them very far would it?

So if there’s something you want to do in life, start making the attempts to get there.

Just like parents who are always willing to assist their baby in trying to walk, the Universe will do the same for you when you get out there and you mean business.

It has worked for me, it has worked for babies and of course, it will work for you! Cheers!


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