A Little Something For My Mom

Any time I’m in Sedona, Arizona, I try to swing by the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

I’m not Catholic but my mom was. She tried to get me and both of my sisters to go to church all the time with her when we were younger but never forced us.

We were all baptized as Catholics but out of the three of us, I was the only one who never received Confirmation and Holy Communion. So yeah, I wasn’t allowed to eat the bread and drink the grape juice.

Even though religion never resonated with me, I always felt deep down that I needed to make an effort towards showing some kind of respect for my mom’s faith, especially after she passed away in 2010.

I don’t go to any kind of church usually but when I’m in Sedona, the Chapel of the Holy Cross really pulls me in. I feel very comfortable and welcomed there.

Today, I went there and wasn’t planning to do much but just visit. Usually, I see a lot of lit candles but today I didn’t. I wanted to light one of the “1 day” candles near the entrance for my mom. I’ve never lit a candle in a church before but I was led to do it today.

I went to grab a dollar so I could light one but didn’t have a dollar. However, I did have a $5 bill. The $5 candles were good for 3 days and were up towards the front of the church. Perfect!

So being that my mom was born March 7th, I figured that since the candle burns for 3 days, I’d light the 7th candle from the left. It was the only candle in that row that had a perfectly straight wick and I thought once again, perfect!

I dropped the $5 bill into the donation box and lit the candle. Once I lit the candle I sat down and realized that I actually had the entire chapel to myself.

The few minutes that I had alone inside the church was just an amazing feeling. I almost got teary eyed but held that in pretty good.

After the few minutes, a bunch of people started to show up and I knew it was time to leave.

I knew that I didn’t stay long but that’s ok, I was just happy to visit, pay my respects and in a way, say hi to my mom.

Photo: The candle I lit today at the Chapel of the Holy Cross for my mom.

Photo: Inside the Chapel of the Holy Cross. This photo was taken on my first trip to Sedona in 2017.

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