Donating For A Great Cause

Lately, I’ve come to realize just how infinite money is and its never ending circulation.

Money, currency, cheddar, whatever you want to call it, is pure energy. It’s a wonderful and powerful tool that allows us to create the life we want to experience. However, it’s easy to get caught up in thinking that this type of tool is limited and that we never have enough.

I’ve fallen into this limitation trap many, MANY times and because I felt limited, that’s how I expressed myself. Bad Jen!

I randomly came across Warren Buffet’s name a few times within the past couple of months and decided to dig up some info about him. Wow, this guy is way more amazing than I thought! He is a great human being and his philanthropy skills are off the hook! I admire him for his amazing ability to shut down the greedy mindset that many monetary wealthy people fail to do.

Warren has set such a great example of human kindness that it inspired me to start doing the same thing in my own way.

I may not be a billionaire or millionaire (yet) but I do want to do what I can to donate towards anything I feel is a great cause. I’ve been donating a few dollars here and there upon check out at grocery stores and random places for years but now I want to step up my game a bit by helping out my fellow bloggers.

So, if I come across some type of donation tab on your website and I see that you are doing great things for yourself and for others with your writing or whatever it is that your heart desires, I am willing to help.

I would rather donate money towards others who are pursuing their dreams instead of spending it on random things for myself that serve no real purpose to anyone else. To me, spending money on myself all the time is just selfish and even though humans can never be selfless, I’m trying to be less selfish and hope others will do the same too!

And anytime I do donate, I don’t want there to be any kind of obligation towards “repaying” me in some way as I feel the Universe already takes note of good deeds and also, the donation itself serves as a reward for me because all I want to do is help others. Cheers!


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