Respecting Nature

I’ve said it many times before, Sedona is awesome! Every time I come here, I gain a lot of clarity.

This morning as I was enjoying my coffee in my room at the Sedona Summit Resort, I started to think about the many recent conversations I’ve had with my friend, Geoff. That dude is just awesome!

Geoff and I have known each other for a couple of years through the skydiving industry but have bonded a lot in the last couple of weeks. We’ve gotten into some pretty deep conversations about life, especially when we camp out at secret places where there are no other humans around. And yes, we make sure we are not trespassing anywhere because intentionally being trespassing assholes isn’t how we roll.

The one conversation we had was on how fucked up humans are and the fact that the majority don’t even realize it. This includes all spiritual people, vegans, and according to Geoff, those who drive a Prius. Ha!

This conversation took place at the top of an area in Big Sur. It took us both about 30 minutes worth of 4WD to get there but it was definitely worth it.

As we sat in the back of Geoff’s truck drinking 805 beers (which is a favorite beer of mine and no I’m not an affiliate), and looked out at the Pacific Ocean, we started to laugh about how fucked up we are.

There we were, two humans sitting at the top of a beautiful spot in Big Sur polluting the area with our large, gas guzzling 4WD vehicles, peeing out in the bushes and shitting in the dirt because there are no bathrooms or any other kind of glamping facilities to dispose of our human disgustingness. And yes, I consider porta potties glamping because if you aren’t roughing it, you’re not really camping.

So even though we were playing a very minor part in fucking up parts of nature, we started to wonder just how contaminated the ocean was from humans and then started to talk about all the fires in California, which were mostly started from humans. This really lead us to believe that humans really are fucking up Earth but blaming other sources (no surprise). It’s nothing to become offended, angry or a Debbie downer about, (especially because of how overly sensitive and unstoic humans are becoming nowadays) but rather to apologize to everything in nature the moment we acknowledge what we are doing that’s fucking shit up and do something about it to try and make things less fucked up.

So now, anytime I drive around in my Jeep and have to pee or shit in nature, I always try to apologize and explain to the nearest cool looking tree or googly eyed cow that if I was given choices as a human, I wouldn’t drive, piss, shit, eat or breathe. I would just be a walking observer of life. But because that can’t happen in the 3D reality, I could at least do something good by picking up another human’s empty beer can or some form of trash that was disposed of improperly.

It’s not going to make a huge impact right away, but picking up trash here and there is better than allowing nature to suffer from inconsiderate humans overtime, wouldn’t you agree?


Photo: Chillin’ at the top of Big Sur overlooking the clouds hovering over the Pacific Ocean with a cooler full of bottled water, 805 beers, my Tigers, and Geoff’s flip flops.


6 thoughts on “Respecting Nature

  • How fucked up humans are is one constant theme I hear from nearly everyone these days — both on and offline. I wonder if that’s an ancient human tendency or merely a mark of our age? Of course it is in so many ways true. Steven Pinker has pointed out a few ways in which we are getting better, but for the most part, we’re screwing up more and more each year. Hard to argue with that.

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    • I really do believe humans are fucked up but I also realize that many people are completely unaware of the shit they do. I agree with Steven that we are getting better because more people are starting to “wake up” to how naturally destructive we humans are. Not that we all intend for it to be that way, but because that’s just human nature.


  • So, I was getting my hair cut and I said to the hairdresser have you done anything exciting lately…..and she said…… as a matter of fact my boyfriend and I just came back from a five day vacation. This was in February. They had taken their two huskies and vacated at a camp up north where they hired a sled and I think eight other huskies to trek the area. They had travelled and camped out in minus ten degrees weather with these huskies. I asked them if there were any toilets and they said no they just dug their holes and squatted…..and this was in minus ten degrees weather. Ouch.

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  • I’m so guilty of this! When I buy ice coffee, I feel major guilt for contributing to the plastic straws (and plastic cups) problem..I sometimes make the conscious effort to make my coffee at home. I should be doing this always! 🙂


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