Grabbing Life By the Horns

I’m sure most people have heard this saying but how do you do it?

There’s no manual or easy way to know as everyone is on a different path in life.

For me, the best way to learn how to grab life by the horns is to get hit by them several times. This is not to say that you should allow yourself to get hit but when you do, think of the hit as an opportunity to further your step towards being a badass in life.

If you think about it, the most successful and inspiring people have been hit with the horns many times. And that saying, “what does not kill you, makes you stronger” (although very cliche) is a perfect way to describe these people.

The last 18 months of my life have been one huge season full of vicious blows by the horns of life. Several times I just wanted to give up and become a victim, but I just knew that wasn’t supposed to happen. So I did something about it: I stepped out of my comfort zone. A lot.

I lived in my Jeep for a while in an area I’m not familiar with in order to gain a humbling perspective in life because I had been battling with the dark night of the soul on various random occasions. I had very little funds, worked a job that sucked, received zero support from anyone and had zero friends. I was basically alone for months and miserable. But then I decided enough was enough and made a bunch of heart based decisions without knowing how they were going to unfold.

I took risks because it felt like the right thing to do, even though it was scary as hell, but they all came from the heart, not the ego. And because I took those risks by grabbing life by the horns, I was able to come out on top. I experienced massive abundance in life over the last few months because I actually did something about the shitty situations I allowed myself to sulk in. And it felt really good because I looked back on what forced me to take action.

Today, everything in my life is falling back into place. I’m actually starting to feel closer to maintaining the equilibrium that I’ve been striving for in all areas of my life and it’s all because of the shitty situations I experienced that forced me to evolve.

So, anytime your life begins to feel like one big mess, that is your ultimate opportunity to make something of it because you never evolve unless you get hit by the horns.


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