Astrology, My Natal Birth Chart and Some Randomness

I’ve been wanting to blog about this for a while but didn’t because I felt caged in the hermit mode type of energy that sits in the corner and feels sorry for itself. Plus astrology was just one of those spiritual aspects I’ve wanted to pipe down on. But recently, I’ve picked it back up.

So now that a huge astrological shift has happened, I can feel it, big time! It’s Jupiter returning home into Sagittarius! I have been waiting for this transit since October 2017 and it has finally come.

So astrology.

This term has a lot of negative connotations attached to it. But what it really means is understanding the group of stars that form a pattern in what we all understand as a constellation, along with the planets and what constellation they were placed at the time you were born. Every group of stars and every planet has their own characteristics (Saturn – karma, Jupiter – expansion, Scorpio – the underworld, Sagittarius – the optimist, etc.).  There are also many other aspects of astrology to take into consideration, like the houses and Lunar nodes of the Moon, but I won’t get into those or any other in depth aspect of astrology because I’m no astrologer. I’ll leave it up to the pros to explain.

I feel it’s really important to get your natal birth chart to get a glimpse of what to expect during the course of your life. Nothing is ever written in stone, but events do come into our life and it is up to us to use our free will to respond to them.

Many times it’s not easy, as the untamed side of our subconscious has a way of reacting to certain situations we consciously feel like we cannot control. Kind of like getting all heated and fired up about something, then losing our shit by spreading anger to others, only to feel like an asshole the next day once the damage has been done. This happens when we don’t meditate. Because when you don’t meditate, you cannot crack the whip on your subconscious, but rather, it cracks the whip on you. Think about that.

So, my natal birth chart.

I figured I’d share this with everyone. To me it’s not a secret, but rather to show people what my life entails. If you study astrology, then you can see what I went through since October 2017, and the prior 3 years, which weren’t so bad because I received more good karma than bad during that time.

My natal birth chart ruler is Jupiter because my Ascendant sign, excluding my Sun Sign, is Sagittarius and Jupiter is the ruler of Sagittarius. Jupiter has been in the constellation of Scorpio in my 12th house of endings over the last year, so this means expansion of the underworld to understand what aspects of my life need to get the boot.

To me, this transit is being an optimistic go-getter who is forced to go over to your dark, sensitive and emotional neighbor’s house to listen to them complain and dump all their emotional energy onto you. You can’t leave for a while but start to realize that a lot of what they are saying somehow reminds you of your deep dark self. So you just sit there and take all that energy in because you want to expand your knowledge of understanding yourself. You get some breaks and lunchtime to get some fresh air from all this deep energy but end up going back to the energy until it’s time to go back home.

My only lunch break during this transit was on my road trip with my daughter, Kal, between June and August…and it was during the crazy retrogrades. Even though I experienced massive abundance externally, I did feel that internal deep and dark Scorpio energy lingering inside of me, regardless of all the cool shit I was experiencing in the external world. I did try my best to ignore it most of the time, but was reminded of it once the road trip came to an end.

Because both the 12th house and Scorpio represent endings, and in my case, an ending to a 12 year cycle, my plan to head to Montana was redirected. I had 2 months left to take care of unfinished business before Jupiter came back home into my constellation of Sagittarius and well, it happened.

Many of the areas in my life that needed to end, came to an end this past week and a lot of it wasn’t pleasant. I was brought back to many areas of my life a couple of months ago that needed to be dealt with and put to an end and I’m glad it happened.

As I contemplated during this last week of the Jupiter in Scorpio transit, I realized why my life was so back and forth over the last year and why many of my posts were either very practical/driven or very spiritual/emotional. Any kind of break I had from the watery/spiritual sign of Scorpio, allowed me to embrace my fiery/practical sign of Sagittarius. So basically I was very bipolar over the last year because I was trying to break out of the emotional Scorpio energy as much as I could, especially with the twin flame energy and existential crisis/dark night of the soul that I’ve now completely put to rest.

I feel that now that I’m starting to feel like my fiery self again, my posts will probably be more balanced. I also feel like I got my sense of humor and optimism back, which is super important to me. But, like I said, nothing is ever written in stone, so we’ll see what happens. Cheers!


Photo: My natal birth chart via Astrolada


2 thoughts on “Astrology, My Natal Birth Chart and Some Randomness

    • Yes, definitely! It’s been a very strange year for me. I wouldn’t say bad but rather the most challenging year I’ve experienced yet. It had nothing much to do with the external experiences, as I would normally be very cheery and do my happy dance about whatever happened. It was rather the internal darkness and consistent soul searching that surfaced and became magnified for me to process alone. Now, I just want to be around a lot of people that I resonate with instead of wanting to be alone all the time. ☺️


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