Did the Movie “Final Destination” Become “Based on True Events”?

The other day there was a shooting at a bar in Thousand Oaks, California. I’ve been to this bar a few times in the past couple of years and it was always a fun place to go. Apparently, the gunman had posted on social media that he didn’t have a motive for the shooting. He stated that he was just ‘bored”.

In October 2017, there was a shooting in Las Vegas, Nevada at a music festival. Again, no motives as to why the gunman decided to go ape shit on a group of people having fun.

The one thing that caught my attention about these two unfortunate incidents is that many of the people who survived the Las Vegas massacre were also at the Thousand Oaks massacre. Most survived, except for one, Telemachus Orfanos, who actually died during the second massacre. Once I read this, I thought, “Is this real life Final Destination?” What do you think?

My condolences go out to the families and friends who were affected by this tragedy. I’ve already donated towards the Conejo Valley Victims Fund and if you would like to as well, you can here at www.vccf.org. Cheers!




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