Sunshine Blogger Award

Thanks, Len from Len’s Diary for the nomination!

I’m not very good at correctly responding to these blogger awards much like my past post because I feel everyone deserves a blogging award just for keeping the blogging world alive. But I do very much appreciate the acknowledgement of my blog and I do like to answer questions. So Len, I will answer yours.

–  What country would you like to live in
United States will always be home but I’d love to live in New Zealand for a few years! That place is beyond beautiful and the energy is awesome!

–  Do you like the turbulence of the sea or the peace of the desert
The peace of the desert. I grew up near Joshua Tree National Park and star gazing was a favorite pastime of mine.

–  What is your favourite colour
 I always laugh when this question is asked. Black. Pretty much everything I own is black. Black never goes out of style. 🙂

–  What is your favourite TV program
For a long time, it was Lost, but now it’s a cross between Peaky Blinders and Castle Rock

–  Are you a fan of social media
Absolutely not. I think it’s great for ethical business use but not for personal use.

–  Are you a passable cook
I can be, but I don’t like to cook, just like I don’t like to sew. Haha

–  What genre of books do you read
Philosophy, Spirituality and Business

–  Do you follow sports. If so what team.
Nope. I’m not a huge fan of American sports. Ice hockey is pretty cool. I went to the Ducks vs. Wild game the other night and had a blast watching the fights, eating expensive food and drinking Moscow Mules in a can!

–  Do you follow astrology. If so what sign are you.
Yep! I’m a Sagittarius Sun and Ascendant. 

–  What do you think needs changing in society
Society’s diapers and a lot of ass whooping.

–  How do you see the evolutionary progress of the human race 500 hundred years from now
Well, after watching Ex Machina a couple of times, I’m not sure. Insecurity, anxiety and short attention spans are at their highest since social media and the smart phone were introduced. If the internet were to shut down for just a day…all hell would probably break loose.



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