Handling Bad Days

We all have them and will continue to have them. Some days are more intense than others, but if we are prepared, we can handle “bad days” like a boss.

Bad days are days where we perceive, not experience, many things go “wrong” throughout the day. They have the ability to trigger us in many ways to the point of causing us to completely lose our shit, multiple times, by the end of the day.

The reason why we get triggered, with the possibility of losing our shit, is from lack of observation and self control.

The Stoics have a very effective way of handling these “bad days” by waking up every morning with negative visualization called premeditatio malorum, along with remembering we are mortal beings, called memento mori. 

As a side note: You can be positive all you want but ignoring the negative or dark aspects of life is like yang without the yin, the Sun without the Moon, the light without the dark. Basically, would you want to watch a movie in a movie theater or sleep at night with all the lights on? Probably not because you need darkness.

So what does premeditatio malorum and memento mori really mean?

Premeditatio malorum means that we should wake up every day with the understanding that we may experience our own entitlement to the fullest – things not going OUR way. Everything, besides our own response, or rather, our self control, belongs to the Universe and it can either be given to you or taken away, at any time.

Memento mori means that we are all humans, and because all humans die in their own time, we should enjoy our time as a human in the best way possible. Any time that we spend being angry or allowing ourselves to become triggered and ultimately losing our shit, is a waste of time as a human.

Shit happens and nothing is ever supposed to flow completely smoothly all the time. It’s called balance and is supposed to run like an EKG heart monitor. not in a linear line. Also, it does take some time to adjust to this type of Stoic mindset, in the same way your physical body adjusts to working out for the first time.

So be gentle with yourself and keep practicing premeditatio malorum and memento mori until they become habits. But only if you want to handle “bad days” like a boss! Cheers!


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