Hello Austin, Texas!

Yep, I’m here!

The decision to come here was based on some intuitive messages I received during my 9 day stay in Sedona, Arizona. And the decision was made on my birthday.

First, was from a blog I had read, in regards to Austin, that was published by fellow blogger, Mackenzie. Next, was meeting a bartender in Sedona, name Austin. And finally, I had watched the movie, Lone Survivor, in my Jeep the night before Thanksgiving. I was really intrigued by the “lone survivor” Marcus Luttrell, so I googled him and noticed the picture of him on Wikipedia was at a book festival in Austin.

So, boom! 3 random and unrelated clues to head to Austin, Texas! And like Nikola Tesla, I have a thing for the number 3.

I left Sedona, Arizona on my birthday and spent most of the day driving but ended my birthday evening at a local steakhouse in Benson, Arizona, called Pablo’s Steaks and More. I met a few people there and they were all super friendly. So, I definitely did not celebrate my birthday alone this year like I did last year. And to be honest, I was ok with being alone, but I wanted to be around new people and well, it happened.

After I left Benson the next day, I headed south to check out Tombstone, Arizona. As much as I enjoyed the movie Tombstone as a kid, I wasn’t impressed upon my visit, just because everything in town seemed to have been modernized, full of tourists and just didn’t have that authentic feel to it. So I left. Maybe I’ll check it out again at some point when there’s more tumble weeds in town than people and when saloons don’t have signs that say “Follow Us on Facebook”. It’s Tombstone! They don’t need any kind of advertising. Ha!

I decided to end day 2 of driving in a Texas town called Van Horn. My arrival in this town is what gave me inspiration to blog about handling bad days. The moment that I arrived in Van Horn is when I started to observe my own sense of entitlement to its fullest. I won’t go into detail about it as it’s in the past now. I will say that yesterday was a day full of triggers being thrown at me. This allowed me to really observe my self control when it comes to circumstances that are out of my control.

Now, since I’m here in Austin….I have no clue. Ha! I just came here without any plans but rather paid attention to the signs that lead me here to start my new solar year.

There were so many endings that happened in the last 2 months because I decided to go backwards towards a familiar, comfort zone, think inside the box kind of life that is no longer meant for me, like it had been before. This turn around on my path only delayed me of my independent progress in life towards my new purpose, whatever that may be. All I know is I’m supposed to help people, and inspire in some way, but other than that, no clue. Going back also caused me to feel like a bird flying back into a cage after it had been released and well, that’s no good.

It seems crazy to just go somewhere not knowing what I should be doing, not knowing anyone, not knowing the area and being alone but something tells me that my new and exciting solar year starts in Austin, Texas as an independent person who dives into the unknown to become an alchemist. So we shall see how it all unfolds. Cheers!



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