The Nature of “Luck”

Today and tomorrow, November 26 and November 27, are considered a couple of the luckiest days of 2018.

The way in which the stars and planets are aligned right now and tomorrow is said to bring in luck. But really, what is luck?

I’ve blogged about my view on luck in Think You Have Bad Luck? but I wanted to elaborate a little in this post on how to become aware of what luck really is.

Many people feel that “good luck” is when they experience multiple and rare circumstances in a short period of time that are immediately exciting, whether tangible or not, e.g. winning the lottery, everyone wants to be your friend, a stranger bought you dinner, you meet your favorite celebrity, etc. These circumstances have an immediate and, in many times, a very short lived outer appeal and if you aren’t careful, they can backfire on you.

True luck derives from circumstances in the form of either a blessing in disguise or a diamond in the rough. Anything that is of true value comes at a price and not necessarily in a monetary way. If you feel that things should always be handed to you without earning or paying for it, you will not experience true luck. Nothing is ever free and if you are offered anything for “free” you will accept that as an obligation in some energetic way. Also, nothing of true value is ever earned easily.

Because humans have emotions, we are more prone to suffering. That’s kind of our kryptonite, especially if we don’t monitor ourselves daily. Therefore, in order to live a life of pure tranquility, in what Buddhists call “nirvana” we have to dig deep within ourselves to find our own diamond.

The only way to dig deep towards that diamond is to experience outer “luck” in what most people consider “bad luck”. I like to call them adversities.

When adversities in life hit, this is the time when all the disguises/layers that cover your true blessings/internal diamond start to peel away. However, it’s up to you whether you continue to allow the layers to peel, or you keep them where they are, out of fear.

To really allow the layers to peel away, you have to become aware. This means paying attention to when shit happens and observe what’s really going on in the form of luck instead of reacting like an untamed cat on a leash. It can get very uncomfortable but definitely well worth it in the long run, if you learn to respond correctly.

So be aware when the lightning bolt of shit happens strikes. It’s the true luck of opportunity that will start to reveal itself every time you respond correctly. Cheers!



Photo: Randomly came across my blog stats today and had to laugh at this as it’s the number that is considered “lucky”. 😀


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